The week before you leave for "Home"

We leave in 9 days and I’m sitting here at work and I’m worthless. Just counting down the seconds, minutes, hours, etc. It didn’t hit me until yesterday, but now it’s all I can think about. When does everyone start “checking out” of life and getting tunnel vision about your trip?


About the same as you :slight_smile: around a week out. However, I also go through stages starting about 180 days out. Obsession for a couple of hours a day around the 180 day mark. Then I chill out for a while. Now that I am 40 days out, I check out of life for about an hour a day and obsess about my plans. I love it.


Based on how many times DW has to remind me of real life things to get done, I think I’ve been perpetually living in the tunnel for some time now.


Today was my day. Yesterday I was productive but today… not so much. I’m either thinking of things we need to bring, scrutinizing my plan or just thinking how nice it will be to not be here. (We leave Saturday)

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The day I plan a trip :joy::joy: but seriously, I carve out some mins each day to zone out. Its that week or 2 before that I start getting serious. But with the lack of planning needed (or being of great value) for Dec trip, maybe this year will be different… (have 3 different TPs for each day so maybe not :grin:)


I’m planning a potential November 2021 trip and I already have tunnel vision! :joy: once I start thinking about all the possibilities it’s so hard not to just let my mind wander and keep planning my trip.


I am also useless when I get back because All I can think about is how I’m going to get to go again!


I sell sourdough bread out of my home kitchen and I told all my customers I’m shutting it down a week before I leave. I need to focus focus and can’t worry about such things as bread and making money! In the meantime though, I’m stressing about how I have nothing done, no packing list, haven’t even started packing, haven’t looked at menus, haven’t picked out what we’re gonna eat, when we’re gonna eat, where we’re gonna eat, no touring plans, no plans beyond first couple rides to hit for rope drop- I’m freakin’ out, man!! I feel so underprepared! I’ve had OVER A YEAR to plan this! Granted, I had a completely different plan- different dates, different resort, different people GOING, different length of trip, and sure I had to start over practically from scratch, but that’s no excuse!

I’m a mess. Send help. I leave in 17 days.


Pack some good shoes, a poncho and a backpack. Maybe some clean underwear.
You don’t need plans after rope drop, follow the lines app to see how the lines are.
See whats available for food now, but be ok to change it day of.

If you need a tour guide, I’m available :rofl:

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Ummm … I have been checking this forum daily ever since booking my 2021 (previously 2020) trip back in 2019!

But as far as totally checking out, definitely the final week or so is the hardest to stay focused at work.


Do you think coworkers get tired of hearing about Disney? Asking for a friend…


Nope. Never.

Family doesn’t either . . .



I think I’m just permanently stuck in “plan everything” even when there’s nothing to plan. And with two tiny children, I’d have to at least add diapers to that list :joy: