The way replies to individual posts appear in the threads

I didn’t see this covered yet, but of course haven’t read every thread, but wondered if it’s a setting you guys have chosen that when you reply to a specific post, rather than the thread as a whole, it displays as a response to that post, but also adds the reply a second time to the bottom of the thread. It causes some out of order conversations and confusion. Is this intended behavior? Or maybe a bug?


whatever the cause I find it annoying!

Agreed. Should be one or the other, not both.


I wish the replies to particular posts were nested under the post and NOT at the bottom of the thread. Would make it way easier to follow.


I agree @999HappyHaunts. I’d much rather replies be under the actual post and not at the bottom. Not only does it keep the flow easy to follow, it also keeps the thread shorter since they aren’t expanded by default.

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Would also make it more like old chat…

I agree. One or the other. I don’t mind having some nested replies so that people can see to whom I"m replying. But having the reply show in both places is annoying.

There’s actually 3 things going on when someone replies to a specific post.

  1. The reply shows up in the normal chronological order of the thread.

  2. The reply can be seen by clicking the “Replies” button from the parent post, which then shows all the replies in a dropdown

  3. The parent post can be seen by clicking the “In reply to” link at the top of the reply, which shows all previous posts in the comment chain in a popup.

I think once people get used to it, they will like it. Threads can be read in normal chronological order, but you can still see the context of a reply if you want.

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is it automatically showing for you? It should be hidden behind a button you have to click to display the nested comment chain

@daybreaker: on Firefox browser it’s showing both ways: automatically at the bottom and behind the dropdown button. ON my iphone 5s with Safari, the nesting does not show up and the “button” doesn’t appear. Replies just show up at the bottom.

and Chrome shows it also nested under the post and at the bottom.

I’m testing to see how mine shows up. This is a reply to Ethical Addict’s post.

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On my browser (safari on iPad) my message posted at the bottom as if it were a reply to the entire post, not a reply to EA’s post.

@BackIntoTheFray hmmmm - strange. I guess the forum just does what it wants to do - very unstable. My observance is that the mobile “version” is the problem child :frowning:

Replies will always post at the bottom, but in the desktop version they also post as dropdowns in the parent post, or popups in the reply post.

Parent post, Before:

Parent post, After:

Reply, before:

Reply, after:

I like the way it works, because you can follow replies chronologically as they happen, but you can still click on the popups and dropdowns to see the context of a reply without having to scroll back up.

This doesnt show up in mobile apparently, probably because it would get too messy.

@daybreaker that’s the way it’s SUPPOSED to work, yes, but it’s not always. Please see this post Order of topics for an example. That was made in reply to @EthicalAddict’s immediately prior post. It does not show up as a reply, despite the fact that I used the correct Reply button (the one that I circled in the image). I am using Firefox on a PC. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

@Mr_Itty @daybreaker and I’m using Chrome on my PC and it sometimes works for me and sometimes does not as well.