The Waiting Place

waiting for a train to go, or a bus to come, or a plane to go…

Ahhh!! I’m at the point where I’ve done all the planning I can do, flights booked, resorts, room request, touring plans, back up touring plans, dining, back up dining, breaks, budgets, transportation. Now I’m just waiting…and it’s so hard!!!

March 19th can’t come soon enough.

In the meantime, I’ll share my plan because it’s all I can think about! (Trip includes me, husband, and 4 kids 12, 10, 7,7), 3/19-3/27 split stay CSR/POP (2 rooms in each resort, fingers crossed they give us connecting!)

Fri 3/19: land at MCO 10:40 am, DME to CSR: spend the day swimming, exploring the resort, have dinner at Rix or Three bridges, mainly just relax, unwind.

Sat 3/20
rope drop AK - FOP, Navi, EE, KS, Dino, ITTBAB, lunch at Y&Y or Salatuli, one more ride on FOP if wait is low, bus back to CSR for rest/swim.
evening 5-7 HS to walk around Galaxy’s edge, ride MFSR and MMRR, 6:50 reservation at Sci Fi.

Sunday 3/21: 7:40 breakfast reservation at the wave (may cancel this). RD MK hitting as much as we can until 12:00 reservation at BOG (have back up BOG closing time reservation for later in the week so this one may get cancelled), more rides until 1:30. Back to CSR for swim/rest. Evening maybe Epcot or stay at CSR.

Monday 3/22: HS - try for BG!! Rope drop Tot and RnR, then SDD, TSMM and anything else until 1, bus to AKL for lunch at Sanaa, view safari at AKL, back to CSR for swim/rest.

Tues 3/23: Call bell services to pick up bags. Transfer to Pop! day. After bag pick up head to Blizzard Beach for the day. Bus to Pop, then 6:30 dinner at Beaches and Cream

Wed 3/24: Epcot - Skyliner to IG, rope drop Ratatouille, TT, MS, Norway (FEA), Mexico, 3 cabbaleros and late lunch at san Angel inn. Skyliner back to Pop.
evening: HS Oga’s and build droids or MK for closing time BOG reservation (if hours don’t change, will try to modify if they do)

Thursday 3/25: HS, try to get RoTR BG, repeat whatever we want, build droids if we didn’t do that the night before, back to Pop to swim/rest by mid day.
evening: American Pavillion, dinner at Via Napoli, SE, Soarin, Living with the land

Friday 3/26: back to Mk until 1, repeat favorites, lunch at Skipper’s canteen
Evening: Epcot/; dinner at Rose & Crown, explore WS

Sat 3/27: last day. AK repeat favorites, visit conservation station and do animation experience. Lunch at Y&Y or Flame tree.
~4:40 DME from Pop back to MCO for 7:30pm flight home :frowning:

Seems like it’s going to go by so fast!! But, I’ll just be happy to be in WDW with my family. This trip will be a much needed escape and I want to make sure we balance relaxation/swimming/rest with enjoying the parks and food, so if we let go of some of these plans as we go that will be fine.


I love your plan so much! We will be there a couple weeks before you and not checking for fp+ 80 times a day is making me confused lol

Hope you have a great time!! This is our first time going in March, which I always tried to avoid, but the timing is right.

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Yeah now all you have to do is 2nd guess your plan. The thrill of planning. I love CSR it’s one of my favorite resorts. I actually like it more then some of the deluxes.

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We’re there the same week! (I hope). Looks like we have a couple of overlapping days

3/20 at AK
3/25 at Epcot

It’s surprising that that’s all we overlap. :smiley: I was up the morning to make a couple of ADRs. It looks like there’s still decent availability, so I’m hoping crowds won’t be as high as a normal March. This is our first one, too. (Well, 2020 was supposed to be)

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Exciting!! I picked my days (mostly) based on where we will be and how much relaxing vs running I see us doing, put AK on the two Saturdays because crowd levels were the lowest and it’s our favorite so I thought it would be nice to start and end the trip there. Then I figured BB on our moving day in the middle of the trip made sense and we won’t use a “park” ticket that day. Now if hours change I will try to change some closing time ADR’s, so definitely keeping an eye on that.

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Yeah, I’m hoping for a few later evenings. I don’t think we’d necessarily change days, but maybe just move plans around a little bit.

We’re doing a split stay, too, so I definitely did the same as you - picked where to be based on our hotels. Now, let’s just hope this covid stuff can start being less of a problem.

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