The Void

We will be celebrating DH’s birthday while in Disney. I think he would really enjoy The Void and had it marked in our plans (He enjoys video games, VR, new technology, etc). Now I am second guessing, would this be something someone would enjoy by them self? I saw a review that made it sound like it is for groups only. I will have to stay with our two little ones while he is taking part of the experience. Thanks!

An individual can participate, but will be made part of a group.

I think it would still be worth it for him even as an individual. He will be joining a group. My DS and I did it and we joined a dad and his son and it was so fun. You get a chance to talk to the others in the group before the actual experience.

Whew - ok great thank you both!

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Since he is into video games and VR, I think he will love it. I was impressed and I don’t care about video games.

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If he’s a gamer, he is probably already used to playing with people he doesn’t know, that’s how many of the big online multiplayer games are set up, like Warcraft and Pokemon Go. My DH is the odd man out since there are five of us (he gets to ride the rollercoasters and I don’t- so I’m playing The Void with the kids) and he doesn’t care.


My wife and I did this on our honeymoon, I was wearing a brace for a broken leg. We were part of a group and we loved it. It was worth it and if one of didn’t want to do it, the other could do it without any issues.

The groups are just people that are put together, some groups could be all individuals playing or could be a few groups and individuals or all one big group. The do their best to fill every available space.

With what you say he enjoys, I am sure that he will have a blast and want to do it more than once.