The Void Reservations

Anyone had experience with making reservations at The Void recently? We are trying to reserve a time for our upcoming trip (11/18) and have been checking the website routinely. For what seems like a couple of months now the dates have been available through 11/12 but nothing after. I kind of assumed they released them every 30 days but that doesn’t seem to be true, and no one answers at the number on the website when we call.

Leaves us to wonder if they are even open when we are there or what might be up. Any ideas?

From what I’ve seen reported by liners, it looks like they open them fairly randomly. Several times I’ve seen people questioning if it was shut for their visit because there were no dates available to book. But I haven’t paid too much attention.

Having said that, I have heard that they are changing to a Wreck it Ralph theme, though whether that’s as well as Star Wars or instead I don’t know. So maybe that has something to do with it.


It’s not clear from this either.

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I wonder if the wreck-it-Ralph theme will be able to handle younger kids, too… We’d probably enjoy that (well, the Star Wars one, too), but DD6 isn’t anywhere near old enough for the current iteration.

I think the age limit is because of the weight of the gear, at least in part.

As one who has been checking it as well, I can tell you that from what I see, it is very random when they add dates. Also how many dates they add. I would keep checking.

My thought was that Wreck-It-Ralph was going to be in addition to the Star Wars one. They don’t really say, but they mention another new experience in 2019 so I think you will have options.


We’ve got a reservation for 10/11. I wasn’t able to make the reservation until Sept. 2nd. I checked on my res yesterday, as I’d heard about Wreck it Ralph coming also, but that doesn’t seem to be on the website for the Orlando location.

I also haven’t had anymore contact with them. I’ll let you know if I see any issues next week.


I think this comes out November 14, so maybe the void will be closed for the change over?