The Void in Disney Springs

We have a trip down to Disney June 21. Does anyone know if The Void will still be there? When I go on to their website to make reservations, it’s only showing through 4/30.

I’m interested to know this as well, we are headed down in early May and I’m hoping to surprise my DH!

We are going the second weekend of may and I thought maybe the tickets were a month out but now I’m worried that the experience won’t continue after April. I will have to keep an eye on it this weekend to see if May date appear in the list.

I just wanted to let you both know that I was able to book this for the first week of May! You may want to check it out now!

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Horray!!! Thank you so much Acornucopiaoflove!

I checked, and it will let you book mid June as well. They seem to be in the process of changing their reservation system. They have link for before April 30th and a different link for after April 30th for their California and Florida locations.

Fantastic! Thanks!