The VOID -- are they sticklers about age?

Just like Harry Potter’s platform, DD will be 9 3/4 when we go in January. I see the stated minimum age for The VOID is 10. She passes the height restriction no problem. Has anyone taken a 9 year old in?

Disney are strict with age requirements for things like Tours, where you have to show proof of age. And I believe the Void restriction is equally strictly enforced.

I’ve seen plenty of stories about the Void being less strict on the age requirement. They have said the equipment can be bulky so they need to be sure the child can handle the weight and bulk. Hopefully someone will weigh in who has done it.


They’re not strict with age at all. They have explicitly said to liners in the past that as long as the child meets the height requirement they’re fine. There were 2 kids in front of us that I’d guess were about 7 and 8. I think you do have to enter your age though and it won’t accept a date of birth that makes you under 10.


Thank you! That’s what I was hoping. I didn’t want to get her hopes up without some anecdotal support though. I know the Void isn’t Disney, so I was hoping they’d be less strict.

I am tagging @douglar since I asked him this same question couple of months ago. His kids participated being under 10 years of age.

At the Disneyland one, we got our (admittedly big for his age, but not huge) 6yo into the Star Wars one…as long as they can get the equipment to fit, I don’t think it matters. I wouldn’t worry at all about a 9.75yo!

Our 8yo also participated :slight_smile:

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When we went to the VOID last August, they let my boys (DS7 60lbs / DS9 70lbs) try on the gear. The policy was if they were comfortable carrying the gear, they let them go. The gear was about 20 lbs. When the boys were dressed up, they looks like more gear than boys, but they never complained about the weight. Took about 60 mins to get in after signing up. Boys were not wearing the gear during the wait. I think the Void staff waited for two other kids to pair them with, instead of pairing them with late teens or adults. It was their favorite thing from the trip. They were so excited afterwards I thought their heads were going to pop as they rushed to describe every detail of the experience to me. They are really into such things. They only wore the gear for about 20 minutes.

I didn’t go in. I thought I’d spend my money at the margarita stand on the other side of the courtyard with my wife instead. Came out to be a little cheaper.

There’s discount codes you can say to get a free picture. The phrases were on the void posters on the Disney buses.


My daughter was 9 1/2 and we took her in without issue. She is tall for her age, but there was no age verification require, and really, how could they? She is too young for ID, and since The Void is at Disney Springs where it isn’t necessary to have a park ticket to enter, the staff has no choice but to take the parents’ word as gospel. I have heard that, if they gear cannot be carried by a participant no matter the age, they can be denied admission. So fill up your child’s backpack with 20 pounds worth of rocks and put a motorcycle helmet and goggles on her. If she can walk around for 10 minutes without falling down, she’s good to go.:grin:

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