The Virtual line

Universal Studios is using a new concept with the virtual line. While we were there, there were two attractions using the virtual line: Jimmy Fallon, and the Pteradon Flyers.

On the surface, the idea seems like a decent one, similar in nature to the original Fast Pass idea from Disney in many ways. But while we were there, we found we simply avoided the rides entirely as a result.

The truth was, we just didn’t want to be tied down to a time slot…forcing us to have to come back at a given time. Unlike with the Disney Fast Pass, you can’t choose to wait in line. You get a virtual line time slot and that’s it. Since we didn’t know if we’d even want to be in the park at that time slot, we just didn’t bother. (It didn’t help that the Jimmy Fallon ride seems to be getting terrible reviews.)

I’m curious if there has been any reports as to how the Virtual Line concept is fairing. The more I thought about it, the more I find I dislike the idea. Any other thoughts on this idea?

I agree with you. When I was there in October, I had Express Pass, so I was able to use that at Jimmy Fallon and didn’t have to do the virtual line. I feel like the virtual line concept is going to be just another reason to encourage people to get Express Pass.

I believe the virtual line will be available for the new Fast and Furious ride and that Express Pass will not be available for that ride.

My question is, if you arrive at the park at, say, 11am do you end up with a really late return time? I really want to ride the ride, but I don’t want to have to arrive first thing in the morning and wait all day for my slot.

Personally, I enjoyed the Jimmy Fallon ride and the whole area is an interesting one to explore.

You do not think it will be like Fallon?

We were there at the beginning of Feb, and I wished there was a virtual line for Pteradon Flyers. We waited almost an hour when the line was posted at 30 minutes. The wait was awful for such a short ride because the capacity is terrible. 2 people per flier, and there were only 2 fliers running. I don’t know how you could have a regular line plus a virtual line. The regular line would not move at all.

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You mean with Express Pass as well as the virtual line? It’s not listed as offering Express Pass on the website or on the maps. Maybe that will change when it actually opens. Though I think Fallon didn’t offer Express Pass when it first opened.

I went looking and I see this article from April 2017 that says Fallin did take Express Pass right away. I guess I never thought that it was a possibility that it may not be offered but now I will keep an eye on that.

I hope they will take Express Pass for it. I’m planning on being at UOR between about 11am to 6pm. I’m worried that if I arrive on property as late as 11am, there may be no return times before 6pm.

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Yes, I am watching these dates . I have a couple of trips and I will be in the area but without Express It will be a while for me.

It does make sense for the Pteradon Flyers…although, honestly, the virtual line wait was still too long for us to try to pass the time waiting around finding things to fill the time, so we didn’t bother.

@profmatt, I, for one, will be curious to hear how your experience goes. We will be there in August and Fast and Furious is one of the main focuses of our trip, as my boys adore the franchise. I am hoping they will take EP, but will wait to see how it goes for you.

Oh, and @PrincipalTinker, I will be eager to hear how it goes for you as well!


I’ll report back!

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My understanding is F&F will have Express on day one.


Yay! I really appreciate your information!

So will a second major attraction with a virtual queue be like how it is at Volcano Bay where you can only virtually queue up at one slide at a time? Or am I confused and will Fast and Furious and Jimmy Fallon be at the separate Universal parks?

Also, can’t you queue up on the Universal app for Jimmy Fallon as soon as you pass through the turnstiles?

I can’t answer all your questions, but here’s what I can say:

  1. Fast and Furious and Jimmy Fallon are both at the same park, USF.

  2. My understanding is that as soon as you are in the park, yes, you can get on the app and get your time for Jimmy Fallon.

  1. It remains to be seen if you can queue for only one at a time or can book two at once.
  2. I’ve booked a Jimmy Fallon time while waiting for an Uber from an I4 hotel. My suggestion is to book a return time while walking to the parks.

We were at Universal last week and they were not offering virtual passes. When I couldn’t get the app to work for Jimmy Fallon, I eventually went over hoping to use their kiosk, but was told they weren’t offering it that day. We ended up waiting ~20 min at ~3:30pm. It was one of my favorite rides, and my mom’s too. At Pteradon Flyers the next day, the kiosks were definitely closed off in the afternoon, ~1:30pm. I don’t know if they had been open earlier and had run out or if they didn’t offer them that day. The standby line was 50 min, so we passed.