The trip report that wasn’t

Today, we should have gotten up before the crack of dawn and headed to the airport for our flight to Orlando. We should have checked into our villa at AKL before heading out for a few hours at AK and dinner with Mickey and friends at Tusker House.

Instead, I got to take a trip to the ER after I lost control of my bike. One broken hand and some wounded pride later I am home with some ice cream and the Disney sing along from last week.

As I was crying to my dad if we had been where we were supposed to be my hand wouldn’t be in a cast right now he laughed and said, sweetheart, we can’t know that for sure :joy: dad jokes save the day!


@TacoBelle20 That is a double-bummer of a day! :confounded: I’m so sorry!!
Thankfully it’s just a broken hand and not anything more serious. Hopefully you’ll be good as new in a few weeks, and you’ll have time to plan another Disney trip! :grinning:
Your dad’s joke made me laugh. He sounds awesome!



Feel better.

I was supposed to leave this coming Friday.

I will not ride my bike just in case it’s a real thing. :wink:


I am so sorry! I hope it is not painful!

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@TacoBelle20 and @OBNurseNH, while I don’t have a trip anytime soon, sounds like I had better stick with my exercise bike. Once, when walking my dogs, I rolled my ankle on a walnut tree seed and broke my ankle and my elbow 2 weeks before school started. Not my first broken ankle.

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@OBNurseNH I realized later that I was wearing the same pants I had on last May when I went to the ER so I don’t think it’s the bikes fault. I definitely need to destroy those pants though!

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Today was Hollywood Studios day, because we thought all the Star Wars peeps would be busy running a half marathon :joy: Was going to go on MMRR for the first time. I think tomorrow was Epcot. We were going to get both magnets this week :sob: and do to Animal Kingdom on Earth Day.


I’m sorry, both about your injury and your lost trip. We’ve been doing that all week too. Today was the last day of spring break. We were supposed to be back home from being on a train from NYC a few hours ago.

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I’m so sorry! That really stinks! Your Dad sounds like mine!

Sorry about both your trip and your hand! Hope you’re not in too much pain and it heals quickly!