The TP Reservation Finder Seriously Rocks

Our departure day, our flight is at 1, so we didn’t really plan anything other than packing. Also, in the last month or so, DS1 (19 months) has become completely enamoured with the Fab 5.

So last night over dinner, DW suggests that maybe on our last day we should do the character meal at our hotel (Cape May Cafe) as a fun way to wrap up our trip. :man_facepalming:

Now, my wife isn’t ignorant to the ways of Disney planning. In fact, before kids, she did most of the planning for our trips. Our trip is 3 weeks away. She should know better. :smile:

So I log into MDE and check. Only one reservation for 4 at 10:10, which is too late for us…

Before bed, I added it to the reservation finder. This morning, as I’m walking from the train station to my office, I get a text from the reservation finder - 9:00 AM for 4! I quickly went into my MDE app and booked it. I may hold out for a slightly earlier time, but this will work. Yet another service that TP provides that absolutely rocks. Since we had decided on this trip with far less than 180 days to go, I used it for this trip for several restaurants, including BoG lunch on President’s Day.

Thanks @len and the TP team!


Wow that was quick!!

Congratulations on the great catch amigo! I hope you have fun!

I love the TP reservation finder. A friend of mine didn’t believe me when I told her how well it worked. I then went on to find a BOG reservation for 9, then rescheduled their entire meal schedule to better suite their plan. It is awesome.

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