The things you've never done

@mousematt’s thread has inspired me.

I’m curious. Name up to five attractions at Walt Disney World that you’ve NEVER done and may or may not be ashamed to admit it. These might be things you feel guilty that you SHOULD do, but just never find time or inspiration to actually do. (Don’t include anything you’ve not done because it wasn’t yet open the last time you went.)

So, I’ll start:

  • The River Boat
  • Fantasmic
  • Dumbo (I’ve watched my kids ride it, however.)
  • It’s Tough To Be a Bug
  • The Main Street Trolley

This list isn’t complete, but the first ones that came to me.

Living with the Land
Country Bears
Great Movie Ride(RIP)
Mickey Ice Cream Bar?

This is so much easier than my favourite 5, which I can’t pick!

1 - Dumbo
2 - Triceratops Spin
3 - Magic Carpets
4 - Barnstormer (not certain of this one)
5 - Main St Vehicles

There are lots that I only did on my first visit. I may do Dumbo this year. Our last trip was 2016 so there are quite a lot of new rides.

*Astro Orbiter (no desire to ride it)
*Primeval Whirl (afraid it will make me sick)
*Hall of Presidents (hoping to do next trip)
*American Adventure (always plan to do and end up skipping because never enough time at Epcot)
*Dole Whip Float (ashamed to admit this one…actually haven’t eaten many snacks at WDW because always get too full from QS and TS meals)

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Interesting that you two feel food items are “attractions”. (I’m not opposed to including them here, but it kind of does show the iconic nature of those items!)

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I’ve never had a dole whip either, but I’m a rule follower :rofl: If I couldn’t think of 5 it was going on the list though!

  1. An entire circuit of the Magic Kingdom on the train. We’ve only done Fantasyland to the Main Station.

  2. Tom Sawyer Island.

  3. Meet Mickey at Town Square. Every year I am determined to do this, and every year it is sacrificed. Too low in importance to merit a FP+ or to rope drop it, too popular to suffer the line.

  4. Set foot in the Japan Pavillion / gift shop. Next time, it’s happening.

  5. High Tea at the Grand Floridian.

I’m going to include some that I haven’t done as a grown-up:

  1. Expedition Everest (never ridden because it was down when I tried)
  2. Navi River
  3. Country Bears (never as adult)
  4. Hall of Presidents (never as adult)
  5. Meet Gaston

1 Riverboat
2. Tom Sawyer Island
3. Main Street Trolley
4. Movie in China
5. Figment

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You haven’t done Figment? :open_mouth: You’re not really missing much, but that one surprises me :grinning:

There shall be NO Figment shaming here. :wink:

But this is very true.

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  1. Main Street Trolley (would love to try at some point)
  2. SDD (lines were way too long on our last trip)
  3. Hall of Presidents
  4. Carousel of Progress
  5. Visiting the Canadian pavilion in World Showcase (I know, I’m a bad Canadian but it always ends up being something we’ll do next time!)

I did Ellen’s in 2005 (first trip) but maybe I will put Figment on my list for my next trip.

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I was about to post that it isn’t worth your effort. But then I changed my mind. It is definitely worth doing. Here’s why:

  1. Because it is so unpopular, there is often zero wait, which means you aren’t losing out much.
  2. You can now share in the, “What in the world was that?” feeling that others have felt here.
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You won’t be missing anything if you don’t go. But the ride takes like 5 minutes and i’ve never had to really wait for it. The Ellen ride was super long and was a great place for a cool afternoon nap :joy:

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  1. Everest…last time I went, I was with my ex who won’t ride any coasters, so I skipped it
  2. Peoplemover…same ex would ride while I was on Space Mountain so I always missed it
  3. Staying at a Disney Resort…I lived in Kissimmee so there was never any reason to spend the $
  4. Had a dole whip (I didn’t even know about them until I started planning my August trip!)
  5. Ridden the monorail to Epcot…tho that’s on my list for next month!

Sadly, getting a list of only five wasn’t as hard as I thought. I have been on numerous trips in my lifetime. However, I’m habitually going with people for whom this is their first or second trip. So, I’ve been on all the E-Tickets more times than I can remember. My next trip is a solo “bucket list” where I don’t do many of those.

  1. Liberty Square Riverboat
  2. Tom Sawyer Island
  3. Walt Disney Railroad
  4. Swiss Family Treehouse
  5. Peter Pan – Every time I go something goes awry and this gets skipped due to its long queue.

I have only been once and got to pretty much everything I wanted. The things I skipped

  • Barnstormer (never even saw it, but I am sure it was there somewhere)
  • Magic carpets
  • Triceratops spin
  • Hall of Presidents
  • Main Street vehicle (I haven’t done this at either park, but it is on my must do)

Attractions I skipped due being a duplicate at DLR and not enough time

  • Fantasmic
  • Star Tours (I am meh about this ride since it went to 3D)
  • Astro Orbiter (very different than the one DLR has now, but I remember getting the stuffing scared out of me as a kid on the original one)
  • Tom Sawyer Island
  • Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

The only crime here is Fantasmic. That’s a must do for me.

I have done it at DLR, so I didn’t feel I needed to at WDW.