The Soarin dilemma

We’re taking a quick weekend trip 12/18-12/21. Flight is scheduled to arrive at SFB at 7:20pm on Friday, 12/18. We are renting a car. Need to exchange vouchers for APs. We had planned to just go to hotel on Friday. But learning about Soarin closing means we won’t see it on a planned trip in the spring.

Is it absolutely crazy to try to see it Friday night? I grabbed an FP for it for 8:30-9:30p (park closes at 9:30).

We’d have to pick up rental car and drive, probably straight to Epcot (so we’d likely have to pay to park?). We have the advantage of a time difference and nonstop flight, so we shouldn’t be wiped out when we arrive. If we go deal with APs on Friday night, then we’ll be set for amEMH at DHS the next day, right?

We already have the rest of the weekend booked up, and were planning to skip Epcot at the request of DS5, except that he loves Soarin.


Do you have bands from another trip?

you should be able to link your AP vouchers to MDE and use those bands to save on Parking and get into the parks.

I do have bands. So you can scan a band to get into parking? I’ve only ever ridden Disney buses.

yes. the attendants will often scan your band to prove resort guest, etc.