The slippery slope that leads us back to Disney

Unexpectedly, we find ourselves heading back to Disney! We went last Sept 2020 after delaying our April trip. It was my DD5 and DS3 first trip, and they loved it. In vacation planning for this year, I found our summer filled with camping trips (which we love) but craving a different kind of vacation. I started thinking about a trip to Cedar Point, since that is relatively a decent drive from us. But I was concerned with how their safety standard would be and quickly realized that I only feel safe at Disney. After our Sept trip, when people asked if we felt “safe” from covid there, I said I felt safer at Disney than at our local grocery store. Well, its true, and its lead us back to Disney. We are headed there May 4-10, this time with a slightly different group. Me, DD5, DS3, my mom, and 2 aunts. My husband is staying home, which is giving me some anxiety about maneuvering bags and stroller at the airport and getting on busses and skyliner. We have a double stroller that I love, but it does have some weight to it. With 4 adults and 2 kids, we should be fine. But is there anyone who wished they had only brought a single stroller?
The tentative plan is 5/4 fly, 5/5 AK, 5/6 pool/rest day, 5/7 MK, 5/8 pool/rest day, 5/9 EP, 5/10 fly. I do like starting our trip with AK and ending with EP, but I’m concerned that MK might be busy on a Friday. TP crowd level is a 1 on Friday, 5/7. Does that seem likely?
I have 2 APRs so far: Boathouse for late lunch on 5/6 and Homecomin on 5/10 at noon. With our flight out on 5/10 not until 6:35pm, I’m hoping a noon Homecomin gives us plenty of time. This also gives us something to do after checking out at 11am. Does this seem like enough time? What is the process to get late check out?
Looking forward to this pop-up trip, which is only possible with everything I have learned here from all of you. Thanks! Trip report to follow when we return.


Oh another question, we are more of QS people, so ADRs are new to us. I know plate sharing is not really permitted (each person needs to order a meal), but do they make an exception for the kids? Could my kids get away with not ordering anything or just splitting 1 meal between the 2 of them?

Also, are the food trucks still available at DS during covid? I don’t remember seeing them in Sept but wasn’t really looking for them.

I don’t think they are doing this right now b/c of the extra cleaning time required.

I saw one last week but I don’t remember which one

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Sharing is permitted, except at buffets and prix fixe meals.

Have a magical trip.


I have never had a problem sharing with my DD except you can’t at like a fixed price meal. She definitely ate off my plate at The Boathouse, she was 5 at the time.

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I thought I remembered hearing there would be a charge if 2 adults shared 1 plate but maybe that is incorrect. Thanks for the feedback. Its good to know this isn’t applicable to children.

No charge for adults either.