The serious preparation now begins

With only 20 days left to go until I arrive at MK (and 19 till I leave home) I’ve realised I have to start getting serious about my preparation. It’s all been very slip-shod and unprofessional so far.

This week I have:

  1. Ordered travel toothbrushes
  2. Ordered travel toothpaste
  3. Ordered a battery pack for my iPhone
  4. Ordered a USB charging block and US plug
  5. Collected $120 in cash
  6. Bought small plastic boxes (for business cards) to neatly pack cables in
  7. Ordered antiseptic wipes
  8. Made a packing list for my day bag in the parks
  9. Made a packing list for my day bay on the plane
  10. Started filling my Disney Items Drawer (DID) ready for the main packing phase
  11. Put my travel antiperspirant in the DID
  12. Put my travel sun creme (SPF 50) in the DID
  13. Decided not to take my Kindle with me to WDW (too heavy — park bag is minimal only)
  14. Put my passport and travel credit card in the DID

There are many things left to do. However will I get it all done in time? Why have I left it all so late?


You’ll be fine.

Truly, most things on the packing lists are great to have and do make a vacation more comfortable. But really all one needs is a change of clothes and a bathing suit :slight_smile:


That park bag packing list in full. Oh. If you want it in full you have to click on it. TP seems to have cut it short.

How do you not already have 150 travel toothpastes lying around your house? That’s one thing I literally don’t think I have ever bought!

Is dental hygiene really that bad in the UK??

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Woah! You ordered a toothbrush, toothpaste and antiseptic wipes???

Do they not have shops anymore down in England? :joy::joy:

Me thinks you might be ever so slightly addicted to internet shopping!

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Bathing costume. :wink:


Just a tip, if you’re not super picky when it comes to toothbrush and paste, the hotel can and will supply them for you. :slight_smile:

And the bathing suit is optional. (And no, I don’t mean to imply that Disney now offers clothing-optional swimming at the Blizzard Beach wave pool!)

But I will take this opportunity to point out that to suggest that only a change of clothes and a bathing suit is all that is necessary is taking away the ONLY fun part of this trip for him…the planning.


You forget that I won’t leave my dog alone. Ever. So almost all my shopping is done online.

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I’ll all about minimal packing. I’m only taking cabin baggage and there’s a weight limit.

Totally hear you on the travel size! They actually last a long time. I just have literally 20-30 lying around in my cabinets taking up space.

Plus they’re just so cute!

And there’s the 100ml limit thing at airports.

So, is this you admitting that you’re a pack-rat/hoarder?


If it makes you feel better, I am down to 15 days and have done none of these things…


Only of toiletries! I still have a ton of old school Mickey-head shampoos and conditioners too!

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I’m only staying in a hotel on the last night.

oh whoops, I thought you were staying on property in the value resorts the whole time and just on the last night at the Yacht Club

How rude!


I hate online shopping.

You must really love that dog.

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Might also have :open_mouth: