The Sausage Factory - 7/24 - Free Kielbasa All Around

So…this is a learning process all around!

Today -
Hopefully …
Len won’t send me too many more screen caps of the forum to test relative pixel intensity (it relates to battery life).
I won’t have to pull back any blog articles after Seth says “hey, that actually wasn’t ready to run.”
The batteries for my mouse will charge so I can get off my Mac Book Air and back to my desktop computer.
We won’t run out of gin.
It will stop running.

Definitely …
I will edit more blog articles.
I will spend lots of time here.

Maybe …
I will randomly changed people’s titles.

That’s is for now. More :coffee: now.


When I first started working for myself from home, I remember some well-meaning person say something like “It must be nice to work from home with your own business, because you have so much more free time than if you had a ‘real job’ like everyone else”. Yeah, it’s like that.


@LaurelStewart - I hope you have an uneventful day! You all have done a wonderful job diffusing drama and smoothing ruffled feathers.

8 articles scheduled - but my silly batteries are still charging.

@mascardofamily, my mother loves to call me during the day because I’m “not busy.”

@SallyEpp_cot, daybreaker (not tagging him because he’s got enough going on) is the real hero here, but I think he’s enjoying coding and fixing stuff.


Of course working from home also means clients feel free to call you at all hours of the day or night:-[ That’s why I turn the runner off on the phone when I leave my desk.

@LaurelStewart my mother called me during the day at work too…“just to say hi since she was thinking about me”

Super sweet, right?? I’m a teacher!!! And she’s an assistant principal at a school down the road! And she was calling me in the middle of 4th period to tell me what shoes she wore to work and how cute they are with her new coral top.

That wasn’t distracting for 32 9th graders who were trying to learn biology. Nope, not at all. :wink:

Are you using all natural sausage casings for this factory? Otherwise people will call you at home at all hours of the day. That’s the rule.

Omg! I can’t even imagine!

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