The quest for baby rhinos. Take 3!

I have that problem too sometimes. grrrr SO annoying!

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A couple more pictures I missed yesterday. These baby ducks are so cute! I love how fluffy baby birds are.

This was hard to get a good shot but I’ve never seen the hippo this close to the underwater viewing area. The fish all around him looked so cool!

I might need to do a solo trip this week. I’m going to Virginia with my mom next week and I will have withdrawals not being able to go again until mid April!


This is amazing. I love your day trips!


I love all of your pictures! What type of water bottle did you get?

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It’s a Takeya, I have a bigger one but got this one to fit in my Loungefly backpacks. They are a little cheaper than Hydro brand but work just as well and come with the lid I like. (Hydro you have to buy it separately)