The "Quality over Quantity, Whirlwind Tour through the World without kids" Trip Report

Nerdy, creative intro:

(Any resemblance to copyrighted material belonging to Lucas Film Ltd is purely coincidental.) :wink:

Standard intro:

Who: DW and me
When: 12/3 - 12/7

Similar to @ryan1 (not to be confused with ryan), we had a milestone anniversary earlier in the year (15 though, not 25 yet). A family trip in March was cancelled, rescheduled for late July (which we chose to cancel being too afraid of masks in extreme heat and unsure how well things would be operating). One day, DW suggested, “let’s do a weekend WDW getaway with just me and you, and we’ll go again next year with the whole family.” Who am I to argue with that logic?

So our timeline is tight, only 4 nights (at Swan), each park one day, including Epcot a couple hours after opening on arrival day tomorrow. Keeping the time without the kids and the budget manageable means some sacrifices. A lot to accomplish in a short time, but yet a high priority to try to relax along the way more than we ever have before. There is not pressure to get on every ride, as we just did that kind of trip last year. Looking forward to so many firsts, like being there in a month that doesn’t feel like the surface of the sun, trying lots of new restaurants and visiting resorts we’ve never been to, etc. Our schedule will be filled with our favorites and lots of firsts in a way to distract from what’s not there right now. I will try to keep up with the trip report as much as time allows. I feel like there’s a trip report frenzy right now, so I don’t feel too pressured to document every moment. Thanks to all the others already there right now for getting a head start on me and helping me with some last minute tips without even knowing it. Tomorrow will be a reaaaaally early morning.

Where: Duh, WDW.

Why: Duh, because it’s fun


Just had our 15 year anniversary also! (In May)


Good opening.

Definitely post if something opens up or is a big change.

Like fireworks . .

I love your opening video! Is this your first trips with no kids?

Yes, and I don’t just mean to WDW, pretty much anywhere, lol. It will be a weird feeling for us, but we probably like WDW more than the kids do, so this will work out. :laughing:


Amazing opening

Awesome!! DH and I go sans kids at least once a year. The most difficult part the first time we went without them was not talking about the kids or “saving” experiences to do the next time they were with us. The first day or so was really hard. We made a rule to not talk about them which resulted in some prolonged silences at first. :joy: Walk slow, stop at lounges (even if you don’t drink, the vibe and food is always good), and ride all the rides! Have a great time!

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Mic drop.

This is everything.

Great work!!

Us, too! April 30 but almost May LOL.

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This is a legit concern and something that sadly seems to be coming into focus in my family. With the exception of Star Wars. If there were an entire Star Wars park they’d never leave lol.

Right. There’s something extra special for adults to be there and resurrect their inner child and connect with a place geniusly created to be timeless without the weight and responsibilities of real life. Having that connection and being taken back to a simpler care-free time in my life is much different than my kids’ perspective, who now in today’s world have soooo many things going on to entertain them and can YouTube anything instantly, so while they do like Disney, it’s just one of several fun things and not quite the transcendent magical experience my wife and I enjoy there.


I couldn’t have said this better. Exactly right. How old are your kids?

Have a stepson in college and daughters 15 and 12.

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Yay! My trip twin is finally heading to WDW! I am so excited to follow along. Have a WONDERFUL trip and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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So true! Although this year, my older kids seem to miss the magic more than before…

Totally agree. This is why people like the DDP. It means that once you get to WDW you don’t even need to think about money. Other than merch. But if you use your MB to pay for things, you’re not really thinking about money even then.

I’ve been avoiding trip reports because I’m angry and bitter that I’ve now cancelled / rescheduled three trips and I’m still not allowed into your bloody country.

However, the title of this trip report — Quality over Quantity — intrigues me, so I shall be following with interest.


100% this

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No pressure, @Tall_Paul1

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Very true. I racked up a lot of gift card $ before what would have been our March trip, so using some of that now, so many months after the money actually left my account, will feel like I’m using Monopoly money. And way more flexibility than the DDP. Not the best financial move since I couldn’t earn interest, but that’s cancelled out by having bought the cards at a discount I guess.

Honored to have you along for the ride. I’ll try hard to underpromise and overdeliver.


My older two kids asked me if we could drop our MK day to go to Universal on our upcoming trip- we only have two park days because it’s just supposed to be a “mini” trip. I was heartbroken, but I do understand where they are coming from. Why do they have to become moody teenagers LOL I won, btw, and our MK day still stands!