The process for finding pass

Staying off site so hoping there will be a navI FP at 30 days (who knows due to Disney springs clientelle! ) ideally I would like an FOP FP but will rope drop.instead …however I will also look on the day itself as some people have had success.

So please bread down the process for me If this is wrong? If I have not used my navI FP …hoping for a 1pm FP… if I find a FOP before that time I cannot select anymore so I have to be in the modify section on navi constantly modifying just in case one shows up? After 1pm and going on navi …no chance of booking another avatar FP …until I have used up 2 and 3? Or can I select a time after 2 and 3…? Sorry I need to get this right in my head lol

If you’ve not used your Navi, you can modify to FOP. Same day drops are currently made at 11.07, 1.07, 3.07 and 5.07 though they have been suspended over Christmas and it won’t happen if there have been technical difficulties closing the ride.

If you have, you can’t get another tier 1 (FOP) until you’ve used 2 tier 2s (all the other rides). You can let them expire, but only if they are before Navi. If after, you will have to use them, or at least tap in.

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Thanks so.much it was as i thought…Yes I heard about those time drops. …not going till memorial weekend…no chance of a drop then lol…

Oh probably not, yes just keep modifying then.