The problem with an epic Christmas split stay? Update! ADR success!

I’m not at all new to Disney planning. But……I’ve never planned a Christmas trip!
I booked a split stay for Christmas this year. 4 nights at the Polynesian and 4 nights at Boardwalk. It was perfect in my mind, mainly because of the ease of transportation to 3 parks between the 2 resorts.
Well now I’m planning for ADRs. My day is 10/24 and I have everything mapped out. I’m going for some hard to get reservations. Just today I realized though that I won’t be able to book for the entire trip on 10/24 because of the split stay. I think I’ll only be able to book the first 5 days, and then I’ll have to wait until 10/28 to book the rest.
My question is……is there some way around this that I’m not aware of? Is there anyway to link the reservations somehow so I can book all on 10/24?

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You can try calling, they might book them for you.


If you call can they link the two reservations into one?

No. Unless you have exactly the same room type, resort etc.

But sometimes I think the Dining CMs will book dining for the second part of your stay, if you ask them very nicely and they feel like sprinkling some pixie dust.



You could book a separate reservation that covers the full span of the trip, and then cancel it later?

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I did a leading/throw away reservation at an All Star for just this reason. I wish they would make it easier to book split stays and have the system “see” the whole trip.

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So that is what I did. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before.
Today was ADR day and we got. Everything we wanted and then some. I left a couple days with options and will have to cancel a couple of reservations. There were a ton of glitches this am. Both my husband and I were on our laptops with tabs open at 540 waiting. Neither of us got to book anything until several minutes after 6. The tabs definitely didn’t work for either of us. We both had to close out and sign back in after each reservation. The calendar wouldn’t show the dates available if we didn’t. There was also a glitch with a space 220 where it shows availability but you can’t book anything. It wasn’t on my list but when I saw availability for 12/31, I thought I would try it. After several hours, I decided it’s not worth it. My kids wouldn’t appreciate the food and the price is too high for just the experience.
Anyway, super thrilled to share what I did get:
CP for Christmas Eve (Biergarten)
LTT for Christmas dinner
H&V dinner
Steakhouse 71 lunch
Homecomin dinner
R&C dinner
Storybook dining dinner
O’hana breakfast and dinner
Trattoria breakfast
San Angel dinner (NYE)
I am surprised at all the availability there still is for this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect for the busiest week of the year. I’m pretty happy with my plans.


Awesome work! Lots of fun ADRs there hope you all have a great time!

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