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I’m really getting into this poll thing. Okay. Everyone says “Avoid the weekends, avoid the weekends!” But what if you just can’t? What park do you go to on, oh let’s just say for the heck of it, a Sunday. Assuming you’re only doing one day at all the parks. The poll is so that I can see what comes in second :slight_smile:

  • Hollywood Studios
  • Epcot
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Animal Kingdom

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I am going to MK on a Sunday in a few weeks because that is just how it worked out. But I hear MK is really busy on Saturday, and after that Monday is the next busiest day there.

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I would say AK or EP. But I put EP because, right now, some of the food booths and such are closed on weekdays, so if you want to have everything open, you do weekends. Weekends will still be crowded, regardless.

If eating food in WS isn’t a priority, then I’d do AK because there is the least amount to do there (that involves crowds/lines).

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And in case you want the way-too-detailed side of the question:
I have 6 park days. Right now, i have planned
Sat 14 - MK
Sun 15 - EP
Mon 16 - HS
Tue 17 - OFF
Wed 18- AK
Thurs 19 - MK
Fri 20 - ??? (likely HS)

Originally I wanted to do the two parks we will do twice on the first weekend, but i really didn’t know which we’d do twice, other than MK. It’s between EP and HS (that’s why i have AK on Wednesday- i figured it’s hopefully lowest lines and most likely to get everything done that i want to, in order to not further complicate by having three potential parks to do a second day at). But the more i think about it, the more i’m pretty sure HS will be our second park day, so i’m thinking of switching my EP and HS days (the 14th and 15th) in which case I would then probably switch my second MK and HS days (19 and 20) to end at MK and to have a less busy day (maybe?) at HS.

I figure Monday will give me a better shot at completing my EP hit list than Sunday will.

In case anyone is REALLY interested, my list of must-do’s are as follows:
AK: Na’vi and FoP
EP: FEA and Soarin’ (though we’d really like to do all the smaller rides too, LwtL, The Seas, Three Caballeros)
MK: BTMRR and Splash

Please help! My husband is way over me talking about planning this trip. I need y’all!

We’re staying at YC if that matters to anyone’s analysis. Also, we’ll have to do rider swap for 70% of those rides on our “must-do” list (yes, i calculated this precisely)

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i’m guessing that F&W will be over by the time we go, but i’m not sure. I’ve been planning as if it will be over. I think in my head it makes sense that they would end F&W when they switch over to Christmas mode, but, again, that’s just me guessing.

They switch from F&W to Festival of the Holidays, which ALSO has food booths.


i didn’t know! good info!

Well we usually do Epcot on Saturday, which I feel is busiest. Then MK Sunday.

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MK is always at a high crowd level on Sundays because most people arrive on Saturday and start touring on Sundays, most often with MK

EP is insane on weekends, especially when there is a festival on

HS is always the first choice park right now because fo SWGE and so it’s always busy

That leaves my fave, AK (just in case anyone thinks I voted AK only because it’s my fave)


I’ll follow that up with: if you only had one day at AK, would you choose to go to it on a Sunday as opposed to a weekday? Instead of another park on Sunday?

If I was doing two days at HS and one day at AK, I might put HS on Sunday and AK on a weekday. I think weekends at HS do feel busier, but if you’re doing two days there I wouldn’t mind it so much. Go early and plan on leaving early to enjoy the resort pool or something.


Hmm… If I had two days at HS and only one at AK I would do AK during the week for sure.


Yeah, sorry y’all. I kind of did this horribly. The original question was only slightly relevant to my specific scenario. I was trying to simplify it buuuut it didn’t really work

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I think the best thing about your plans is that your list of must do attractions are on the short side. This allows for more flexibility.

One thing in general that I’m wondering - are crowds likely to be less the week before Christmas, or even the weekend before Christmas week starts? We see this at the Lake of the Ozarks; the week before a major holiday - Memorial or Labor Days - is usually slow. The 4th very much depends upon which day of the week it falls on.

If this same situation occurs the weekend before Christmas, and crowds are lower because of covid, then HS might do very well on Friday.

For our trip we’ve currently got:
Monday AK
Tuesday Epcot
Wednesday MK
Thursday HS
Friday AK
Saturday Epcot
Hoping everyone heads to HS in the beginning of the week, picking up their other parks at week’s end.

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I think you’re guaranteed that the week before Christmas week will be lower crowds, but how much so is a wild card. Probably less so than in a standard year. I think your park spread looks really good!

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Do you know when they usually start Festival of the Holidays? We’re going the week before thanksgiving week, which i sort of feel is “no-man’s land” when it comes to celebrations and whatnot.

I believe it switches over the first or second week of November.

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It starts November 27th, day after Thanksgiving


Thank you! That is what I thought I saw but then couldn’t find it when I searched for it