The Plaza PPO breakfast


We have an 8am Plaza breakfast, park opens at 9. My husband has only one requirement for restaurant breakfasts, and that is that there is a sausage and gravy option on the menu, so we’re good to go. Will we get any jump at all on rides with that breakfast, or will it take us too long to be served? I should edit to add we eat very fast and are not lingerers.


Sadly, service won’t be a factor, it’s location on this one. Since the Plaza restaurant is outside of the roped off areas, you won’t get any jump on any of the rides. Even if you finish up early, you would join the normal crowd that gather at the ropes.

But it’s a great breakfast though. Eating with the castle in the background(or foreground depending on your seating) is fantastic!


Awesome. That’s good enough for me.


I have this booked on our MK day too. I am still not sure I am keeping it. The one factor I am considering is that it should get us on to Main Street at 7:45ish instead of 8. So it would give us a few minutes to get those empty Main Street pics before they let everyone else in. The benefit of the rides i know Isn’t there, but I do love me some pics of the castle without throngs of people in the background.


Sadly, that’s not what happens. Everyone is let in to Mainstreet at the same time at 7:45AM. Reservations or not. You’ll have possibly less people on the street by being ready to move at 7:45, sure, but an empty street is highly unlikely unless you’re at the front of the line.

A plaza breakfast gets you no advantage but a good breakfast while everyone else is meandering around outside.


To second @Randall1028, I have heard that the only “empty” pics that are available anymore are for EMM, and for people who hang out until closing.


Thanks, now I am down to figuring out if I want to eat pop tarts on the ride over (not that I have food on Disney transportation, because that is not allowed) or pay for breakfast there. Decisions, decisions. Let me go check that menu again.


Ooo, there are mimosa’s…:thinking: