The Plaza or Liberty tree Tavern for lunch

I realize these are very different styles of food but I am debating b/w the two. I’m afraid my kids may not care for Liberty Tree. Anyone been with kids? I also planned on going for an early dinner after the parade if that matters. Any thoughts?

My niece loves the chicken noodle soup at LTT. We usually go for lunch every trip… lunch is a regular a la carte menu, not the family style thanksgiving meal they have at dinner.

LTT now has the all you can eat meal at lunch as well. I’m team LTT!

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DS11 loved LTT lunch.

Do they not have the other a la carte menu as well?

They do but it’s reduced.

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we always enjoy Plaza. Nothing special to be sure - but it is a good reliable place. I think you may be safer at Plaza for picky people