The plaza, just ice Cream?

Can you make a reservation at The Plaza and just get ice cream sundae’s?

Sure, but wouldn’t it be easier just to go to the Plaza ice cream parlour?

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In my experience, lines can get long at the parlour. And, you have to take your ice cream and go find somewhere to eat it. Having a reservation gives you a comfy place to eat and chill.

We plan on going right after the parade so I was worried the line would be super long and no place to sit. Also, I haven’t decided yet if we’re going to A. Just get hotdogs at Caseys before the parade and get a good spot, eat them while waiting for the parade and get ice cream after or B. Eating meals at a The plaza after the parade. Either way, I plan to get ice cream sundaes after the parade.

I was thinking I wouldn’t want to be tied to an ADR just for ice cream, but it definitely makes sense with what you’ve got planned.

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