The Plaza & HEA

I can give you an update in a few weeks. We will be there on our arrival day and on Day 4.

The review was linked on FB and almost all the comments were saying their visit was a fluke and how much they loved the restaurant. I’m okay trying it out.

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Did you ever get the lady and the tramp autographs. As at the check in desk and they will take the book out back and stamp it with paw prints.

We didn’t…Haven’t been in a long time. I will tell dd about it.

I may be picking up one autograph book for the three of us to share. I’m probably more into it than the 12 or 17yo!

yes -this is me - I may be more into it than an adult going alone should be LOL
I did the Lady & the Tramp autograph in Jan when we went - very cute!


I am going in September. There was someone on a thread recently that said they had a bad meal at the Plaza, but I have heard very good things about it - the bottomless milk-shake pretty much works for me though.
I am iffy about staying for HEA that night. I did the desert party in Jan and it was great, but I have a couple of very late nights while I am there (2 MNSSHP) so I may need a bit of an early night. Doing 7:30 ADR, so I am close to the exit if I decide to leave, but close to the castle if i decide to stay.

Our ADR is at 8:05. I figure if we arrive on time it will be a few minutes before we are seated and then we can managed to eat dinner and dessert to fill up the time until HEA starts at 9:15.