The one were the non-Disney family goes to WDW

I want to say thank you once again to those that helped me plan this amazing trip. It was indeed amazing.

Hotel - stayed at the Wilderness Lodge for 5 days. We loved it! Such beauty during the holiday times. The family loved the parks, but they wished we had spent more time at the resort just chilling.

Epcot - while fun, the construction took away a lot, and while we had fun, it wasn’t that great to visit. But we did love Test Track!

Magic Kingdom - we ended up going twice–one day for rides, the second day for entertainment and to walk around. We were there Thanksgiving day and the day after, and the crowds were not that bad. We did EVERYTHING that was in our plans.

Animal Kingdom - WOW! This was by far our favorite park. The rides, the trails, the entertainment. We really got into it.

SGE - only my husband went and he was ok with it. It was good to do, but he felt there was more they could have done with the area.

Customer Service - it was ok. Once in a while there was an outstanding CM, but were not floored by it either.

Food - not to our liking, but we were expecting this. EXCEPT at Animal Kingdom. We think they have the best food from all the parks. And Tiffins is in its own category–amazing restaurant.

Dining plan - so glad we didn’t do it! We would have lost money with it.

Are we going back? We’re still glowing from a great vacation, but knowing my crowd, they will not ask for it again.

Was this a once and done trip like I predicted? Probably yes. Glad we did it.


What was wrong with the food?

The food is average to bad and overpriced. But again, it is a matter of perspective, and we didn’t think it was that great.


I’m glad your family ended up enjoying it!!

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I find the QS average but most of the TS very good. But it depends so much where you go and what you expect. I don’t expect much so it’s hard to disappoint me :joy:


For TS we went to Be Our Guest (good), Cinderella’s Royal Table (ok), and Tiffins (we loved it!!!)


I’ve only done BOG from those, we loved it!

Glad you had a good time, you never know, you might be back.

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Well, maybe in 5 years from now. It is a big world, and we want to see a lot of it.


I thought it was a small world after all.:wink:


Ours, too, when we went on our first trip in August 2012. We have not been back since but will be there in a week.

We didn’t enjoy the heat and humidity in August 2012 but we enjoyed our vacation. One day, we wanted to return for the Christmas season one day. Here is one day, more than 7 years later. But after all the work to prepare for this trip, I’m not sure we will be back anytime soon. Like you said, it is a big world

Amusement park food is always pricey and can be just food. We were not on DDP in 2012 nor will we be on DDP this time. And like @missoverexcited said:

In 2012, our experiences were mixed, too. We are foodies but not necessarily willing to pay premium prices. This time, I have read so many trip reports and food reviews…:dizzy: Not being on the DDP gave us so much flexibility.

Totally understand!:wink:


Yes, that’s about where we are with WDW. I think we’ll probably be back in about 5 years, but between now and then there’s a lot we’d like to see.

Why, specifically?
Basically, my family just goes where I tell them to go. :rofl: To be fair, we do travel a lot so they trust my judgment. I’m interested in your family’s feelings about WDW. Because mine don’t ever ask to go anywhere, never mind WDW.

I’m kind of hoping the next time we go back it’ll be just DH and me, but I think my eldest would be pretty sad about that if he found out.

Pretty much, but I’m spoiled by living in a ski town. Although, I do disagree with you about Tiffins. I though it was just like the rest. :rofl: We truly did love Raglan Road, though. The food was outstanding, and the entertainment was terrific. And Scifi is a tradition with our family, we have to go.

I think the next time we go, we just won’t obsess so much over ADRs, and actually that will make it a lot easier.

I appreciate your review. I have mixed feelings about WDW- we’ve been many times in the past but the logistics and cost are starting to get to me.


Interesting! We might follow your example eventually – our first trip was August 2019 and we enjoyed it but would not sign up for the heat and humidity again. Both my kids have December birthdays so maybe we’ll do a birthday/Christmas season trip in 5-7 years. We’d also skip the dining plan next time. Have a great time, @stlouie!

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