The Music of Pixar" Dining Package

Hi everyone,

we have an ADR for the “Fantasmic!” Dining Package at 08/23/17 at H&V.

Now I’ve seen that you can only book a Fantasmic! / Music of Pixar Dining Package.
Will we get a voucher for both shows, or just for Fantasmic, as booked first?

Does anyone already have experience with that?

Reading the description on Disney’s site, it looks like you get two vouchers - one for F! and one for a Music of Pixar.

That was exactly the source I had read. I just wondered because the price has increased since we booked (the single package). Maybe we have luck and get two vouchers.

I think if you’ve booked the Fantasmic package that you will only get vouchers for Fantasmic. The extra cost is for the double package. I would phone and ask if they can change it for you, I doubt you’ll be able to modify it online.

I called last week and changed my Fantasmic dining package to the Pixar/Fantasmic one. The lady on the phone said you would get a voucher for both the Pixar one and Fantasmic. It is also still one dining credit if you are on the dining plan.

Thank you very much for the tip. I just tried that, but unfortunately this was not possible at our ADR. But for the rest of us liners, we have at least the answer. Booked packages will not upgrade by itself…