The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History

Just heard a rumor this is being cut …I’m so sad!!!

I don’t even think that this is a rumor. I’m pretty sure it is a fact. I’m also pretty bummed as I’ve never seen it.

I also don’t understand how this cuts much cost? Is it really live people doing the muppets? I assumed it was automated.

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I’m pretty sure is “real puppeteers” I also heard some special dining was going to increase.

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Yup, it’s real puppeteers working with a sound track. Why’s it being cut? Any reason given, was it simply budget?

You’d think they could create animatronics for this one.

I’ve not seen it either, and had hoped to see it next year. I guess not.

Well, of course they have to raise prices. Crowds were not high enough to recoup the costs of SWGE in either park, so now they have to make up the loss by over-charging customers even more! :wink:


So Disney’s fiscal year ends on 9/30, so I think a lot of the “talent” contracts just run out. So it’s not necessarily budget cuts but more of it not being included in the 2020 budget.

ETA: Still a terrible excuse.


Booo It was a cute show, and really…Liberty Square doesn’t have a lot of draw for crowds, they should keep it.


What do you mean? They have Haunted Mansion! Now to mention…uh…well…uh…Haunted Mansion. Did I say that already?

It is funny, because for the most part, other than HM, I see LIberty Square as means for getting to/from Frontierland.


I actually really enjoyed this show and am bummed that they cut it as well.

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Geez, so much stuff I was looking forward to is being cut before I (and my kid, but who am I kidding, it’s about me) gets there! :disappointed:

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I’m disappointed that this is closing because less attractions/options is always a bad thing, but I wasn’t particular impressed with the you. DD3 likes the muppets, but she was so bored during the show she asked if we could go somewhere else (the only time she said that during 4 days at WDW). I thought it was ok, but didn’t mind leaving mid-show.

I’m so disappointed that this is closing -
I actually Love the Muppets and this little add in show
I stay at BLT quite a few days at the beginning of my trip ,so in between my fast passes
especially princess marathon weekend I just walk the park and and enjoy stuff other than big attractions when it is so busy I really do appreciate that there are those extra “things”
easy peasy no planning needed -Muppets make me smile !



Still just a rumor but read on tourist blog it is likely to close on October 1.

This has actually been on my mind a lot lately.

I can’t help but wonder about the long term repercussions of Disney’s missteps regarding SWGE. That is, they took a calculated risk, and it didn’t pay off (at least, not yet), so will they start to back off from some of their other more ambitious projects going forward?

I see the implications of this being things that are unknowable for us…but still. I’m not convinced, beyond WDW’s 50th anniversary, that they will be able to get away with the price increases they’ve been pouring into the laps of their bread and butter customer base. As such, in order to keep further costs down and profits up, they will have to ease up development plans…finding ways to cut costs while still driving in new visitors. Might we continue to end up with half-baked rides like 7DMT?

Who knows. My thoughts are still formulating on this. But cuts like this one (The Muppets) are something I’m anticipating we’ll see more of.


Darn! This was one of the very things we had planned on doing but missed during our recent trip. I guess we’ll never get to see it now.

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when is this being cancelled? Do I need to remove it from my TP for Thanksgiving week?

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Agree on the missteps regarding SWGE. There is a big opportunity for Universal if they do it right with their 3rd Gate and also add more family friendly rides in their parks.

RUMOR is Oct 1, but I wouldn’t remove it until TP shows it as not available. If it is cancelled, TP will alert you

i, too, was sad to read this was cut. it was nice to have the muppets in mk and added some playfulness to liberty square. see you later, sam the eagle!