The Motion Sickness Patch (Transderm-Scop)


This product worked incredibly well for me while I was wearing it but I had a very severe withdrawal reaction after taking it off. You wear the patch for 3 days, then remove it. 24 hours after removing it I started having severe dizziness along with numbness and weakness in my limbs. I thought I was having a stroke. Ended up in the ER. This is a known, but very rare reaction.


Wow, these side effects stories are a bit troubling in such a small population of users. I was looking at this for my DS14 as he has trouble with cars, planes, and rides (even swings at the park when he was younger). He doesn’t get nauseated from rides, just more headaches/dizzy feeling afterwards even with pretty tame rides. He is an adult sized kid (6’2" and 150 lbs) so I wasn’t too worried but perhaps I should stick to Dramamine or Bonine this trip. Dramamine has helped with long car rides. Do you think these would be helpful to ward off headaches from rides so he could at least enjoy the majority of the non-thrill rides?


When are you going? I’m going to try Dramamine and sea bands to see if that combo will work for me. I know I have a problem with motion simulators…roller coasters didn’t use(used?) to bother me (wow, that sounds so wrong but I think it’s correct English!) but I haven’t ridden on in 15-20 years so I’m expecting some issues. We’re going at the end of this month so I can report back if desired!


Exact same for me as I used non drowsy Bonine.


Not until March. Do you feel queasy or get headaches from the rides? I’m specifically wondering about the headache issue. Please report back. Let me know if Dramamine helps without drowsiness. Hope it works for you!!


Motion simulators make me queasy. I’ve never felt queasy from a roller coaster, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gives me headaches now. I’ll let you know!


My wife gets motion sickness pretty bad. She used the patch for our 2 days at the parks last week and it seemed to help; she still got headaches from being jerked around on some rides, but she didn’t report any actual motion sickness.


I wonder if it might be worthwhile to start the bonine a little in advance of the trip? It doesn’t cause any drowsiness for me, but I have to start taking it a day or two ahead of time for it to help me on long car rides. Not sure if others have the same experience!


I had not heard that–only to start a few hours before. Definitely worth a try.


I’ve heard of sea beads. Would love to hear back on how they worked as an alternative to the batch.


I was told to only wear each patch for 3 days. If that is the case, you would have to take the patch off after only being there for 1 day.


Today I saw a product called motioneaze. Its a topical oil for motion sickness & lists 6 oils as the ingredients. Has anyone tried this or any essential oils to prevent or relieve nausea & dizziness?


I’ve used Young Living peppermint essential oil for nausea before. One drop on my thumb and pressed into the roof of my mouth. It tasted nasty but did help.