The Mid-Day Rest

Yes!!! It really brings out the control freak in me.

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Go to The Fountain at the Dolphin for diner sandwich fare, then hit Ample Hills on the Boardwalk for better ice cream. Let other ppl worry about B&C, while you chill and arguably eat better.

The fountain huh? :slight_smile:

There are definitely some great places to eat at both the Swan and the Dolphin! And while we love B & C, it’s not a life or death must do, so don’t stress. Just like all the rest of your ADR’s - prioritize the must-do’s then fill in after that. You’ll be fine!! Also Hurricane Hanna’s has decent sandwiches and adult beverages in a pinch (although they’re pricey of course). The Fountain is fun, but beware that they’re not on the dining plan in case that matters. They also don’t take Magic Bands, again if that matters. It’s a pretty walk (or short boat ride) over there from Beach Club.

I love that so many of us crazy planners come together on this board. We’re off to Disneyland in 38 days and I keep looking at my planning sheet like it’s going to make the time go faster!!


Hello @SillySamsMom my advice depends a bit on where you are staying. For POFQ I’d be moe inclined to alternate between starting late and early and do your park time in one go with a nice relaxing ADR half way through. But if you’re staying at the BC then that does lend its self to afternoon breaks. I thought Sam coped well with being out late, will you be taking the buggy for the evenings?

We are 99% sure we will be at BC.
We are trying to not do a stroller. She will be almost 8 for this next trip. I think we would rent one in the park if it ended up we needed one.