The Magic lives! Magical Express

Sorry! I couldn’t resist.

I goofed and let the 30 day window expire before setting up DME. We booked through a DVC reseller and they have to arrange DME for us. We can’t just call directly to set it up.

Well, the transport was arranged, no problem. But, I was told that I was out of luck for the luggage tags that allow you to bypass the baggage carousel. Bummer!

But wait, there’s more! I decided to call the DME hotline to see if it was at all possible. I hardly had the words out of my mouth when I was told “of course. I’ll get those right out to you”. I’ll just have to stop at the DME check-in and ask the CM to print out the ticket for the shuttle.

A good attitude and a polite request and my wish was granted.


Magical indeed!

Yay!! So happy you experienced some magic!! Thanks for sharing