The magic is gone. (At least not fully back yet)

Saw the thread title and thought BB KIng had joined us

“Now here’s a little number called the Chapek blues…”


I attended a training on customer service and they talked about the Disney’s No/Yes/Yes model to address issues. " I can’t do X, but I can do Y and Z."


Agree and I don’t know really know. It’s like we need to remember how to properly interact with eachother. I think the CMs are under a lot of stress everyday. Some of these examples above are honestly horrifying and would ruin my vacation. I’m hopeful in time it all
Will get better.


Thank you.

I have specific questions I’m going to ask elsewhere.


Our last trip was Christmas - NYE 2019.
I missed the spontaneity of the paper FP, but did like knowing I had the big headliners ready to go. I didn’t like having to do so much planning so far ahead. And, I have always thought the 180 day dining window was ridiculous. (Glad to see that has changed.)

I’m just irked at myself for like Disney and putting up with their diminishing perks for resort guests.

Me: I love staying on property!

To thank you for being a Disney resort guest, we’ll make sure you see lots of early mornings on your vacation and we let you in the parks early. Once everyone is let in, the lines can get pretty long. We’ll let you spend more money with us (G+) so you can save some time in line. We hope you take advantage of our wide array of dining and shopping experienced during that time saved. We are raising the prices but we’ll probably make the portions smaller too. This might help with your diet. To save you even more time, we’ll give you an opportunity to spend even more money with us (ILL) before non-resort guests.

We could throw all that in as a perk for our guests or for select resorts, but we want all guests to have the same opportunities. We do give you transportation. If it runs early enough for you to take advantage of pre-park opening, you can spend your riding time getting those LL/ILL. Plus, for some resorts, we allow you to stay in select parks on select nights after hours. That park day may change after you make your plans and book the deluxe resort for those hours. Go ahead and book the deluxe resort for your whole stay. You can’t really expect us to plan that far ahead, can you?

Don’t forget to make your park reservations. Make it a good one because you might not be able to change it if you change your mind at the last minute. If you get in the gate and decide you want to hop to another park, you don’t need to rush. You’ll have until 2 to get there. Our resorts are nice and we do have so many things to do outside the parks. Maybe you want decide to skip that reserved park in the morning. You reserved it so go ahead and tap in. Then, you go enjoy the other park after 2.

We do hope you enjoy your time with us at the most magical place on earth. Remember, you are the magic.


I am sure it is frustrating and I am sorry you are experiencing it! I bet the CM are frustrated too and Disney as a whole.

What used to be a well oiled machine was completely upended by COVID. Disney had to scramble to make changes and deal with what seems like an unending list of variables that rapidly change day to day even.

Supply chain issues, food price issues, wages rising, not to mention the obvious concerns of health and safety for their Cast and Guests.

Maybe I’m just forever the optimist but to me the magic is they are open. They are trying. Things are getting better.

I hear what everyone is saying about genie+ and ILL and I haven’t used them yet so maybe I will hate them but it seems like Disney the business probably had to do something. They have to make money to stay in business. The costs they have to pay to run that business have increased due to everything that’s happening. The number of people paying for their parks have decreased because of everything. Something has/had to give.

I personally feel like they could have come up with a lot worse things than an optional add on charge for genie+

Would people be happier if they just raised all the ticket prices by more but kept the old fast pass system? At least this way people have some choice as to pay or not.

Anyway just my two cents. I hope you all find some genuine joy and that soon all of this will be behind us as we can talk about how magical WDW’s resilience in the face of seriously world changing events was.



Would people be happier if

I do think everyone here does try to see the positive side of Disney more than the negative. That’s why we’re here. There was an interesting thread or chat the other day discussing if we would be happier if we didn’t know so much about planning a WDW trip. We end up setting high expectations to make the most out of our vacations and get as much magic as possible from Disney.

We’d still come to vent about something. Disney IT would probably be on top of that list. :grinning:


Trust me, up until this trip I’ve been a HUGE Disney World fan. But this one has certainly, obviously, soured me. But a lot of my enjoyment in the past has been thanks to the accuracy of TPs. But since all their historical data is now all but useless, it’s so different.

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Like, how this morning I couldn’t get any LLs for the first 3 minutes after 7am hit?! The app wouldn’t load any times


That’s strange. I know it’s been a few months since I’ve been there, but there was no official line for any of the characters that were standing outside. In fact, many of the CMs said there was no line and to just come up.

I saw Alice in Epcot and people just walked up to her. Here is a quick pic I snapped as we passed by.


Totally off topic but…is that Alice…a guy? Maybe it is just the lighting.

I can’t heart that; it is too :cry:.

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That’s what made Epcot, Epcot. The cultural representatives are sorely missed. I still enjoyed the food, drinks, etc but not having those CM makes a huge difference. And the missing street entertainment.


The lighting does perhaps draw the eye to certain characteristics.

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Maybe it’s just an Alice’s Apple :thinking:


You know that Tinkerbell usually is. Guy?

Does it matter?


For Tinkerbell? No. But when you getting so up close to Alice like that, yes. Like I said, it could be the lighting…but Alice looks rather manly.

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Well, they aren’t fully staffed.


But looks like Alice is



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