The magic is gone. (At least not fully back yet)

Their (Disney guest) survey questions were interesting on the most recent shows. Pertinent to whether the guest finds G+ of value and also understandable/easy to use.


Great companies adjust over time when there’s enough constructive feedback and when it impacts their bottom line.
Just a petition to keep offering constructive feedback!
And if someone else offers something better, go get it! I’m excited about the competition Universal continues to offer. Make Disney fight harder for our dollars!


As someone who went to the world for the first time in 2019, I honestly never experienced any “magical employees”. Some provided good customer service, some were indifferent, some were not good. I’ve experienced much better customer service at many other places in my life. Has it slowly been declining? Was it great in say, the early 2000s and has really dropped off now?

Edited to say I should have written 2018. I have no sense of time around the years 2018-2022 lol.

I think it’s always been inconsistent, which is understandable because CMs are human beings. Some are great at being friendly all the time, some are … not. I’ve had both great and bad interactions with CMs on every trip, from the 1990s to today.


Our family trips have been in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 and I can honestly say that I have never encountered anything less than stellar CMs :star_struck:

I can say the same for UOR too!


Yes. On our first big family trip in 2010 we were screamed at (yes, screamed at) by a conductor at the Frontierland RR boarding station. There’s a “cage” there that has like trunks and stuff inside. It was open. And it looked not unlike other staging areas where you are meant to take photos (like Zurg - which you can’t do anymore too). Anyway, I ushered my kids in there for a photo. The guy comes FLYING at us as if we had a bomb screaming the whole time “Get out of there! You’re not supposed to be in there!”

Well dude, it was open. I didn’t break in.

And I gave him a little bit of redirection about the way he was speaking to us. And told him that if it wasn’t supposed to be open perhaps he should be more thorough in his area inspection next time.

It was the most unmagical experience ever.

But…he was just one bad apple and we’ve had plenty more pleasant interactions with others.


I noticed this all to often on our Dec 2020 trip.


I’ve noticed this on every trip I go on, not just WDW. Some people are oblivious and some just don’t care and will do what they want to do.


My daughter was scolded the other day by a CM for accidentally touching more 3D glasses than we needed. She was visibly upset, then he explained his reaction, but it certainly didn’t excuse it!

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Ugh! That’s not okay. I Think all
The Covid protocol just makes people STRESSED! (No excuse). But day to day seems like people are just losing it more often.


This makes me sad! What happened to the smiling face, excuse me mam but…


We can be our own worst enemies sometimes.

A few weeks ago I was listening to a podcast about US politics and it made me so mad I resolved I would never visit the US again.

Luckily I got over it. Somehow I have three trips booked this year and another pencilled in for next year.

I’m not making a point about US politics, I’m making a point about how you can think yourself into unhappiness if you don’t rein in control of your head.

I hope for two things from Disney CM’s. First, friendliness. I like it when they wave back. It’s nice. Second, a “yes” attitude. Can I switch out the rice for mashed potato? “Of course you can!”


In October our family was on our way (late) to our VQ time for Remy and in England passed by Alice who was standing alone in her garden waving at passers by. I paused to have my daughters stand by the wrought-iron fence to snap a quick photo with Alice 10-15’ back on our way past. There was a CM handler standing there who informed me that the line to see Alice was around back behind the building. I told her that was ok, we just wanted a quick photo and we were in a hurry to get somewhere. She proceeded to holler to Alice about “these people don’t want to go around where they are supposed to”. So were we not following directions or was the CM just plain rude? There was no obvious indication we couldn’t take a picture there and no one else was interacting with Alice at the time. I just moved on rather than engage the CM. But these sorts of interactions kill the magic for me. Fortunately they are infrequent.




Well, this is at the heart of it. What the hell am I doing going to Florida in February? In the middle of term-time, when I just took a trip in October and I’m going again in June?

It’s the cumulation of nearly two years of relentless COVID stress. If I may use a Harry Potter reference, COVID is like the dementors: it sucks the joy out of everything. And it just won’t fricken end. It’s turned people against each other. (The general political background noise over the last two, well five or six years, has been pretty exhausting, too.)

Last week when I decided to book another trip I’d already had enough of this year and it’s not even February yet. Is it PTSD or something?


That is awful. How about, don’t put a character somewhere where one can easily get a picture without being in the official line if you don’t want people stopping to take a quick picture, Disney.


I remember years ago my kids being addressed as “prince” or “princess” when redirected by CMs. The positive surprise sort of balanced out the correction part. Attitude makes all the difference!


My trip next week is the first time I’m going to have to properly deal with Genie et al. So I’ve been reading up about it.

I started with @Jeff_AZ’s pinned thread. As I read it, I thought, oh good God this is insanely complicated.

I think the part I’m going to like the least is not being able to choose the timings of my LLs. You get what you’re given. I hate that. You could choose the times of FPPs. That gave planning certainty. I like that.


My simplified advice is:

  1. Get a LL reservation at 7am
  2. Try to get another one every time you tap in for a ride (won’t always work, but worth a try)
  3. Try to get another one if two hours has passed since you last got one (or two hours after your first park opens)

Every LL reservation begets exactly one other LL reservation, either through the two hour rule or via tapping in, but not both.


Thanks Paul. You nailed it.