The Magic is calling... But maybe the universe has other plans...but we push on... Trip report

This. We have been told this wrongly at DLR also and it was so frustrating. (My daughter was 3yo and tall for her age but scared of TSMM, they would not let us RS. So dumb as a practical matter.)

For a 3yo?! That is a joke. She could hardly go and wait on her own.

Thank you all for the great advice and support.

So we just got done talking to guest services and you are all absolutely correct, we should have been given a RS this morning. They apologized and set her up with a DAS. She also confirmed that we can request a RT OR a RS if she can not ride an attraction. She offered to set up a return time for us, but we were ready to go back to the resort.

If they said it was an issue, to come to guest services and they would rectify it.


So went to Yak and Yeti for the first time. Amazing! Great service, great food, great drinks. I had the Korean BBQ beef and wow, it was great. Wife enjoyed her teriyaki chicken as well.

For desert, the fried wontons were crazy good. Would definitely go back.


And for to drink??

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South sea Traveler was very refreshing.

Snap Decision… Ehh… Wouldn’t do it again… Like most of my snap decisions :joy:. Rum is better in a citrus type drink IMO. To me, it was a whiskey type drink with rum.

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Fixed photos from Yak and Yeti above.

Came back… DW and I knocked out laundry while it rained… Was hoping to get back to MK after a pizza dinner… But may be a rain out tonight. Normally we would poncho up and soldier on… But with a cast in tow… Might keep us in. Adds a new complexity to the rain that is for sure. We do have an extra sleeve we can cover it with to keep it dry, but it is not comfortable at all for DD… So not worth it.


That’s ridiculous. We were given rider swap when my toddler nephew was asleep during our FP+ return time for KS in AK and he was old enough to ride because I don’t even think there this a requirement. We just didn’t want to wake him up so everyone went but me so our passes wouldn’t expire and then his mom, dad, me and him got to ride when he woke up. Your experience….That’s just not very Disney.


Oh there’s no doubt about that. That encounter was as non-disney as I can recall in a park. It was a point where I had to decide if I was going to let her ruin my day or not and after the events of the last week… It just wasn’t worth it. We made other plans and I will say, I had a great morning with my daughter doing things I never slow down enough to do… So maybe things happen for a reason :wink:

That said, here is a bit of feedback. Even prior to this, my wife made the comment that she feels the staff this trip does not feel very “Disney”. There has been definite exceptions for me, but overall she may be right. The staffing shortage in hospitality could be impacting this to some extent. I trust they will get it back, but does seem like there is a need for a little more magic from the cast mambers this trip.


That’s disappointing.


I didn’t experience that in our last two weeks there and I’m so sorry. We didn’t have any injuries or DAS issues though and I did notice in one of the other trip reports some similar issues with the DAS system as well. I hope they get it worked out because that’s what makes me come back over and over is a part of that magic.

On a side note I had one summer with my son that was sort of like yours but one issue per two trips. Less than a week before a beach trip he hit the curb on his bike, flew over the handle bars and broke his wrist and we had to rush thru casting but he was able to go and he wore some water proof cover (was not really waterproof though so he can ended up with a stinky arm for the duration of wearing that cast). Then a month later we had a long weekend planned at Universal Studios and the night before he broke a tooth in half and it was gushing. Our dentist was wonderful and met us at 7am Saturday morning to pull the rest of the tooth and we were able to make our flight.

As an 18 year old I caught a stomach bug on the flight to HI for an aunts wedding and that LA to Oahu flight was rough.

However I have never combined multiple incidents so more power to you for pushing thru all of it! Vacation Superheroes.


Should know this… But what is the best way to hop for MK to epcot with epcot monorail not running?

You could go to one of the MK resorts and grab a bus to EC or you could just get a bus at MK to a EC resort and walk to IG, or a bus to a skyliner resort. Lots of choices


I would either walk to Contemporary and take their Epcot bus or take a Beach Club bus and walk to the IG entrance.

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There is a bus direct from MK to Epcot should work the other way too


You are all awesome! Thanks for the options.


Will try to post some details tomorrow…but now that was a Disney Day! From 1st bus to MK to park close at Epcot. Kids held up great, especially my DD.


Can’t wait to hear all about it!!! Yay for magic!!


Finally a day of rest. We moved our first rest day to epcot since we missed day one. I love my resort days, so this is overdue for me. Wife and DD headed to Springs to shop and the boys are hanging at the pool!

So for yesterday, man it was jammed full. There were ups and downs, but mostly a great day.

So we were on bus one… And tight the day was going to be more hurdles when the bus broke down! Ugh… Your kidding right… Well what ever it was got resolved after about 5 min on side of read… Though it felt like forever.

So onto MK… Boys headed to 7d…girls PP… After waiting 20 min… 7D was down and no idea what was wrong and how long. DS said let’s bail and we headed for BTMRR. Ran into girls, brought them along and got RS for it. Boys rode twice and find out spash is down… Ugh, starting to feel like abother round of just roll with it… So we head across the park to space. DS loved it even more this trip… When off, splash was back up… So back across the park… Dad is getting his steps in this morning! So posted at 30 when we got off space… Jumped to 75 by the time we got back… Son wanted to bite the bullet and ride so we did. Actual wait was about 50. Not too hateful.

Girls toured fantasy land and rode what they wanted there plus HM and people mover. Went to sleepy hollow and got us breakfast for after splash. Great call and bother one I wouldn’t have done if not for trip reports here. Fruit and Nutella waffle was amazing. Funnel cake for breakfast is now a thing for DD as well! Lol

DW used RS on BTMRR and DD and I got a return time for pirates. I will say, the DAS was really nice. Allowed her to slow down and little and pace herself with her arm.

Did Adventureland and then did Tom S Island for the first time. Cool area… But man it was Hot!

Did some shopping and pics after then went to lunch at Plaza. We loved this our last trip, but for several reasons… Some in their control and some not it just wasn’t a great experience this time. Food was just OK… Bacon complete overcooked.

Service started out OK… Then the uncontrollable. A shield next to us choked on their food and vomited several times at the table… What followed was emergency personnel and guest service chaos to take care of this unfortunate family. In the mean time… Our waitress, who had nothing to do with that table completely disappeared…i mean for a while. She finally resurfaces and really no word about us being right in the middle of this. Her manager was right there too and not a word.

Now on the plus side… Guest services did show up and talked to us, apologized (not their fault, but they at least recognized that wasn’t an ideal experience) and took my magic band and put a FP on it… Didnt need to, but nice touch.

In the end… Was not impressed with how our waitresses handled this… But guest services was there with the save.

So we left, and storm was coming. We decided to let DW and DS try for 7D with FP while I took DD to Peter. Well they got it in, but rain started just before rise to they rode it in the rain… DW not thrilled, but at least she got on. We did Pan and waiting out the rain. Finished a couple more rides and headed to contemporary via monorail (never rode before).

Took buses to epcot from there and a major storm rolled in. We got to soarin just in time. Did soarin twice and living with land. Supper in the middle and just long enough to wait out the rain. Ended the night with a little more food and Frozen.

Day had some bumps… But overall it was a great Disney Day. Better yet, a full disney day!