The Magic is calling... But maybe the universe has other plans...but we push on... Trip report

Yes, we used Rider Switch for my son often until he was old enough to wait by himself. He doesn’t do any kinds of thrill rides, so even though he was well above the required heights for the rides we were definitely able to use it so dh and I could each ride (and dd was quite happy to have a second ride!)

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Alright, now I feel like we are hitting our Stride a little. Got our groceries (and Lots of liquids) from Prime Now. Super easy. Ate at the resort at Roaring Fork… Nothing fancy, but what we needed. Off to MK for the day.

It was HOT and we were slow. For the most part, just stuck to slower rides today that she could ride. We were able to meet up with Friends who leave tomorrow, so that was fun. One of DD’s good friends and her got to spend time together which was fun.

Lasted till about 8 (5 ish hrs) and we are wiped out, but so glad to be back and enjoying the parks a little.

HS’s is tomorrow, see how that goes.

Thank to everyone for following along. It’s been choppy, but we are trying to sail through it.


Glad to hear it’s turning around for you all. Sending good thoughts to your family for a perfect day in the parks tomorrow and the rest of the trip.

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I’m really sorry for all your setbacks and I hope everyone is feeling much better soon. Hugs.

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Setbacks are part of life…we can all learn from it, and try to “just roll with it.” Pretty proud of how we continue to roll. Tomorrow will be interesting to see how we hold up to a rope drop at HS…



Boarding Group 67!

1st bus to HS… With DW and DD in a cast… That is an accomplishment!

Hitting some magic now


Fab! Everything is going to be great now, you’ve had your bad luck.


Glad the magic is picking up! Have a great day!

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To MF first thing… I love the theming in this land. We were through taps around 820, in line around 835.


YAY!! You deserve it.


Great day at HS. Heat seems more intense this trip vs last July, but managing it. Lines build quick in the am, but seems to break up some as the day wear on. DD was able to do MF and RoR no issue. Getting dinner at Moma’s and I think calling it a day.


Awesome! She’s a trooper (no pun intended)

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Did Epcot yesterday (originally a free day, but rescheduled from our first day where we got in late).

Got there a little before open, right in and went to Soarin… Think something was not running optimally, as we moved much slower than normal. Took a while to get through. Finished riding what DD could and wanted to in future land. Headed to showcase around 1…HOT and crowded. Lines seemed to calm down a little as you got towards the back. Ate lunch at a stand in Italy. Grabbed a grapefruit beer in Germany (hit the spot!) and off to frozen. By that time we were done… Surface of the sun hot and very crowded. Went back for a quick nap.

Returned in the evening to meet up with another family. Has the smokehouse, thought the chicken was great, but did not have much of an appetite from the heat. Spent the rest of the evening walking around the showcase and got in one last ride on Frozen.

During the first frozen ride a storm blew through and we were still outside. Cast member was great, let me and my DD come inside to keep her cast dry and let us meet up with DW and DS when they got inside. Little magic!

Early start this morning to AK. Can tell the no break days and early trip events wearing on DD a little… Not my morning girl to begin with… And definitely not today, lol.


Picks from yesterday


Aw bless her! Great pics.



So glad your trip is going well!!!


A little Starbucks to cheer a girl up!


Back to a topic before…

Tried the rider swap for first time… FOP said no… Bummer, said she needed a disability pass or we all had to wait together and she could opt out at the end… Well wasn’t going to make her do that.

So it was a daddy and daughter date morning to Navi x2 and Starbucks while DW and DS did FOP.

While it’s a little disappointing to miss FOP, not the end of the world. We rode it 3 time last July and it was a nice time the two of us, which we don’t get near enough of.