The Magic is calling... But maybe the universe has other plans...but we push on... Trip report

The crew: Me, DW, DD10, DS8

The backdrop: This is our DVC rental rebooking from last memorial day. While we did a scaled back trip shortly after reopen last July, this was supposed be a great return to the magic.

So as I am typing this the original plan called for us leaving for the airport in 30 min or so for a 630 flight from Columbus. Well about this time yesterday, my DW came down with a stomach bug that took her down all day yesterday. I saw the writing on the wall, so when it hit, I moved our flights back to 650 pm later today in hopes that it would be a 24 hour bug and the extra time would be what she needs. The good news is I think that part was true and while she may be wore out, I think she will be ready.

However, the universe was not done tossing haymakers at this trip. As I settle down to watch DS play a baseball game before the trip yesterday I get a call from DW… My DD’s gymnastics coach just called, we need to get Kaitlyn, she has injured her arm and it could be broken…:slightly_frowning_face:

So leave DS to his grandparents and off to the ER I go. At firstook I knew this wasn’t pretty… But let’s see how this goes.

After a couple hours we have a diagnosis and what we thought was good news… Dislocation, can reset and she should be good with a cast to hold. She was already negotiating with her Dr. The terms of her release and still being able to go to Disney… They were stuck on the splash mountain debate on if she could protect the cast from the water or not… Again… Thought this was going well all things considered…

Then the universe tosses another bomb our way. DD has the cast on, dislocation reset… Final post procedure xrays to clear her… Uh oh… Doctor needs to talk to me in private. Bone went back in fine, but xray exposed a break of a smaller bone that was obstructing the joint… They need to perform surgery to fix and insert screw to hold.

So here I am in the surgery waiting room at 3 am waiting for my DD to wake up from her successful surgery. Surgeon says travel is still fine, just comes down to pain management and resetting expections…

Should be able to see her soon and if all goes well, we will be back home late morning. Not sure what we will do with the trip… But I guess I needed an outlet after one hell of a day and early morning.

Will be one to remember either way. If anyone has ever made the voyage with a youngster with a broken bone and cares to share any tips or words of caution, I’m all ears at this point.

Maybe this one just isn’t meant to be.


That’s a supportive heart, I’m sorry. I don’t have any advice but I hope your DW feels better and that your DD doesn’t have much pain.


Sending good wishes your way. What a day your family has had! I hope your daughter is doing well and your wife is feeling better.


Holy moly!



I sincerely hope you will still be able to go! You might find you enjoy this trip even more since you were in danger of losing it. Is your daughter going to make you miserable about skipping certain rides? On the flip side, I would hate for her to feel responsible for the cancellation if that is what you decide. I do hope your DW and DD feel better soon!


My heart goes out to your DW and DD! If you decide to go ahead with the trip now, resetting expectations will be key. The first week of a broken bone are the most difficult and frustrating as she navigates the pain and how to move around.


Quick update… DD is a champ. She made it through surgery well last night and is recovering well. The 2nd thing she said to me when I got to go meet her was “Can we still go to Disney?” She has been asking all the nurses… They even put it as a goal on her board, lol. DM is going to be the one she has to convince, but she definitely has a goal in mind.

Thanks for all the well wishes… Needed am escape in the wee hours of the morning and starting this felt like a good spot to escape to.

If we go, I have the trip report already started :rofl:



Sending good thoughts your way for all to heal quickly and be ok to go to Disney!


What a day! Sending thoughts of good luck your way.


Oh my goodness! Sending lots of pixie dust to your family!!


Sending you all lots of luck. My DD had broken her arm twice - with casts coming off 1 and 6 days prior to Disney trips both times. So I don’t have much by way of advice for navigating the parks with the cast, but if the water factor was the primary concern for Splash, go to a CVS or Walgreens or Rite Aid or the like and get a cast cover. She’ll want it anyway so she can take showers. They have vastly improved the quality of those things. (No more struggles with garbage bags and duct tape!)

Here’s hoping you all got all the bad juju out of the way before the trip started!


Wow, that’s crazy. I’m so sorry you’re off to a terrible start.


Wow I hope she is feeling better! Crazy start!


Hope everyone recovers well and you guys can still go and have a good time!

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Wow! Here’s hoping the bad stuff is out of the way and you will all shortly be on your way to fun and some Disney magic!


Oh, wow. I just can’t like that post. That’s a lot to happen just before a trip. Sorry.

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I love that!!

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Well… We made it to the airport. Been a crazy day and didn’t get out until around 130, but we made it. DD is being a champ.

Disney here we come for what will definitely be a very different trip.


Yay! Wife looks good for having had a rough night!