The liner rabbithole

It seems I’ve been a liner for at least a year so I’m thinking about how much I’ve learned (better than thinking about how much money I’ve spent, lol). Back then I was dreaming of a trip. It had been more than ten years since the last one, my honeymoon at the Wilderness Lodge.

I did my solo trip in September 15 – wore a costume at MNSSHP, met wonderful liners for a pre-rd BoG, was there when Jock Lindsey’s opened, saw Animal Kingdom for the first time and actually loved it more than Epcot, and enjoyed Pop and AoA so much more than i could have known I would. Gosh!!

Now I’m planning a whole fun romantic week-long trip this coming September and thanks to this place, I know we’re going to do things right and have a blast. Got my ADRs, watching AK operating hours, watching for the latest FPP strategies. Soon I’ll order from garden grocer. I booked on a bounceback. I joined a mm share.

I will have a poncho and Keens. I will wear my liner button.

On Wednesday I’ll confuse all my co-workers by proudly announcing Dalmatian Day and then come home and watch a cartoon about dogs.

I love being a Liner. And I know that if I ask “should I start planning another trip for February,” the answer here would be “of course!”. Thanks to all of you in this awesome community <3


Your post made me smile! It is amazing how much I learn here! Thank you for this post- it makes me so happy when others feel the same way as I (makes us the sane ones- right?)


Of course we’re the sane ones :wink: And thank you, because you’re so often here helping and being fabulous!


The same here. Bought an AP have two trips paid for and two finished and two in planning stages.