The Latest updated information from WDW about Annual Pass holders

WDW has added an update to their website about Annual Passes. Not much new except to say that it is going to difficult to get a reservation.

On the bright side of life, there will be an AP soft opening preview.

Looks like Boarding Groups - Redux.

From the website:

Please note that:

  • During the limited capacity period, it may be difficult for Annual Passholders to get park reservations to visit on certain dates. To help manage capacity, total reservation days held at one time will be limited. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.
  • Some pass benefits and features will not be available during periods of limited capacity. Also, park experiences and offerings will be modified and subject to limited availability or even closure.
  • Annual passes are subject to blockout dates. Guests should ensure their pass type is valid for park entry prior to making a park reservation.

As we prepare for the reopening of the parks, we’re planning a special preview opportunity for Annual Passholders. We look forward to sharing details with you soon.

Sounds a little like the Disneyland Flex Pass. You can only hold 2 or 3 days reservations as one time and only book 30 days out. And you have to book for a specific park or both. Interesting.

I wonder what this means for those of us who have APs but also have onsite resort reservations?


Seriously. That sounds like an obvious exception, which they will probably sort out along the way. Just like the current (or should I say previous?) FPP rules.

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I assume the on site reservation takes priority, much like how with an AP you can only schedule 7 days of FPPs in a thirty day time period, but if you have an on site reservation, that rule does not apply.

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I think what it means is people with reservations and tickets get first claim, including AP as tickets. AP without WDW reservations are next.


I hope so otherwise it’s going to be a long 11 days there if we can’t get into the parks most days.


That’s what I hope too, but with all the changes recently it makes me nervous.

I hate not knowing at this point.

I hope it’s like the 7 day FP rule for AP…there really is no point for me to go if I can’t go to the park everyday while there.


I have now received a second email about the re-opening procedures – no new information, but this time addressed to me as an AP holder.

So it appears that the first one I received was because of my September DVC resort reservation, which is in my MDE along with my current AP, thus the reference to me holding a valid ticket.

So reading the tea leaves, current holders of resort reservations with linked valid tickets (including AP) get one kind of email, and AP holders separately from whether they have current reservations get another. The subject line of the first was “News regarding your upcoming Disney vacation”, the subject line of the second is “Important Passholder news for you”

In case that helps others figure this all out…

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Thanks for mentioning that email, @DumboRunner. Mine got spam filtered again.

Here’s the link from the email, if anyone’s interested|274187429&cid=PDM204429&bid=1100777661

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