The last AP trip..maybe. Number 10 in pictures

I have never done a trip report, so let’s give it a try. If anything I can spam with photos :blush:

For background, I got a AP in July 2019. It was going to be two trips - July & January ‘20. Well, we then snuck in a third for Food & Wine in Sep 2019. Then thought why not go to another festival in April 2020 …well we know what happened then.

So, we decided not to cancel the AP, did two more trips in Sep & Nov 2020. So 5 trips, 1 AP year. Then …we let it expire. I live in Canada, more restrictions were in place between Jan & June 2021 making travel difficult.

But then, we heard Disney was letting people who let their AP lapse get a new one at the 2019 price. We decided with Covid still limiting travel elsewhere, let’s do it. Activated the AP the last week of September 2021 for the 50th Anniversary. Had an amazing trip. Went again in January 2022 - where I got Covid on Day 12 off a 14 day trip :crazy_face: Got to “enjoy” an extra 8 days in Florida, in the dead of winter at home - let’s just say it was not a hardship. Came again in March ‘22 for Springtime Surprise - 5 & 10K, then we had to come again in May for Cosmic Rewind Previews. So, that brings me to trip #10 over 3 years with 2 APs. I’m calling it the last hurrah - as we plan to let our AP’s lapse. We would like to go to Tokyo Disney in April 2023 for my 50th. Plus, I have not been to Disneyland since 2015 - so I would really like to get a trip in there. This trip is with my fellow Disney Addict who got an AP at the same time. We have done most of the trips together - some with additional friends & family. This trip is just the 2 of us.

So onto the pictures!

Arrived on Friday. Staying for a week at Saratoga Springs. Special thanks to my mom who let me use her Timeshare to trade for a week through Interval. Only had to pay the exchange fee, guest certificate & resort fee. ($577 total!)

We are in Carousel. We have a car, So in that respect it’s great for coming and going.


Had Dinner at Raglan Road. It was delicious, highly recommend. This was my first

time there, we have made reservations before, but it never meshed with plans. We parked closer to the Disney Springs side and walked over.


Saturday Sept 10 - Magic Kingdom. Light crowds. No one with us on 7DMT because the guy forgot to put someone. We got to park about 8:15. We’re off the ride by 8:45. Secondary rope dropped Haunted Mansion and were the first on.


Looked for some Pascal’s. After PP, Pooh & Buzz we went to Whispering Canyon for brunch. It was fun. I asked for a to go box…and my friend asked for a refill. Another table had a birthday, and the waiters proceeded to eat the cupcake :rofl:


We took a break in the afternoon to get some groceries & avoid a rainstorm. Then returned for some rides. Left before Fireworks as we had early Animal Kingdom today.


Got out a bit later than planned so arrived at Animal Kingdom after rope drop had already occurred. Still managed to get on FOP right before heading to Africa for the Wild Africa Trek. 100% recommend this tour. It was great.



Are you hands in the air like you just don’t care? Or holding on tight but smiling?


Holding on :rofl: I had my Disney Ears in my hand.


Yay glad you liked it!


Love your pictures! Sounds like a great time. It is hard to let go of an AP but it helps knowing that you’ve put it to good use.


Your pics are awesome! I didn’t know there were Pascals hidden. I’m guessing at the Tinkle Tower. I will have to remember to look.


Are there options for the menu here? I don’t spy anything in this case that I would eat. It’s the only thing holding me back from doing this tour ever. :joy:


Prosciutto with Cheese and Shrimp was part of the unmodified one. They modify if you list allergies. Which I did as I don’t eat meat or fish or avacado. You don’t get a choice, but they will provide alternative for allergies.

This is a pic of my friend’s unmodified meal.


Yes, next to the rest area near the bathrooms. We found 4.


We popped into Epcot just to get a VQ for Cosmic Rewind, played Mini Golf for the first time at Winter Summerland. Currently having dinner at Boathouse before we head back to Epcot.


Looks like a fun trip so far!


Why do people pay for ILL for Cosmic Rewind? We got call back around 6:30 which was perfect. Walked right on through to the pre-show. No wait. Rode in Row 9. No one behind as the people that had that row asked to be moved to middle. Loved it just as much as the first time. Can’t wait to go again tomorrow. Tomorrow is sleep in day. Epcot when we decide to go over, plus we have access to Extended Evening hours. After riding GOTG we did single rider for TT, and walk on Spaceship Earth.


To ride multiple times on the same day.


No options in terms of a menu but all very accessible foods. Nothing at all scary