The invisible cabanas on castaway cay

I am booked on a 7 night cruise that departs in less than 60 days. I notice on my navigator app that four cabanas are unaccounted for on the family beach. One is reserved for handicap use -( ok, I understand that ) , another doesn’t exist (they don’t use the #13) So , two cabanas are unaccounted for. They don’t show as “sold out” on the app and when I call no one will give me a good answer as to why they are not available.

   The gentleman I spoke to was super nice and we had a nice chat but he used phrases like " I am not authorized..." and " I'm not at liberty to discuss....." and " I couldn't tell you..." so, now i'm super curious! He did say these questions would be best directed to the Cruise Activities Department but he could not transfer my call.  Does anybody have their number? It seems there is a mystery afoot!