The Interactive games-- just children or adults, too?

We’ll be doing WDW this May (DH60, DD27, DD22, and me -DW60). Our last trip was 10 years ago. So the interactive games are new to us. MK has the Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom and Pirate’s Adventure , Epcot has the Agent P adventures, AK has Wilderness Explorers, and it didn’t seem like HS has one.

Wilderness Explorers does sound like it is mostly for little kids (although I’d love to see DH60 walk like a gorilla to show what he saw), but the rest sound like they could appeal to adults?

Are they something adults would enjoy?

Have you ever done them?

Which seem the best? Which one or ones would you recommend for a party of all adults?

I currently have our MK day picking up a pack of cards in the morning to use during the evening Extra Magic Hours (a plan B for if the rides get too crowded.). Could I ‘register’ for the game during the EMH as well, so as not to lose prime touring time?

Just for reference as to the kind of geeks we are, we are ending this trip at UO and the only question there is if we buy our interactive wands before the trip so that we can play with them right away during the early morning hour, or buy them at Ollivander’s to increase that experience.

I enjoyed helping DS with SOTMK a few years ago. Since then, he goes off on his own to play, and I haven’t played it on my own.

I don’t think the firehouse is open during EMH, so you’d need to register during normal hours. I think it operates during EMH though.

I would say the first time we played, there were sometimes a couple of adults who were playing several levels at once so were playing 5 or 6 cards in one go. I spoke to a CM and they made them rejoin the line each time, which was much fairer!

Be aware that although you’ll play one game in a specific land, you’ll be sent back and forwards between portals. So you can’t just do it as you walk through Adventureland, like you can for Wilderness Explorers. I would set aside a couple of hours specifically to play it.

We have done pirates adventure and wilderness explorer with adults only. Both were fun and the cast members were great. You can look at the WE booklet to determine which ones look fun and not to childish for your group.

If cost is a consideration ( about $50 at Olivanders) get your wands on ebay ahead of time if the tip doesn’t work for some reason they will replace it.

The friend I went to WDW with last year is a huge Phineas and Ferb fan, so we did one of the Agent P games last year. He LOVED it. (He’s a 56 year old gay dude.) We’re going back this year and doing all of the Agent P adventures in the rest of the countries! It’s pretty silly, but if you want a fun, clever, interactive game to play, it’s something to put on the itinerary.

My family didn’t really enjoy SOTMK. We started it but quickly abandoned it.

However, the Agent P adventure my kids (including my 16-year-old) enjoyed. Don’t tell anyone, but I did as well. :slight_smile: I think part of it, though, was that otherwise World Showcase can be quite boring. The Agent P not only gives you something to do, but it also makes you notice things you might not otherwise have noticed. By comparison, SOTMK just takes take away from doing the things that are fun to do otherwise.

From one geek to another, I say buy them there. At that point, the cost difference is fairly minimal and the experience is worth it. You only live once!

Ollivander’s is so incredibly crowded that picking out a wand is quite frustrating. But, you can actually buy the same wants in the Universal store at the front of the park (outside of the Harry Potter area altogether), or buy them at Gregorovich’s instead. Ultimately they are they same wands…you just avoid the sardine-can.