The hotel arcades

How do the hotel arcades work? I stood in the one in PorFQ for a good 15 minutes staring at the sign that “describes” the payment and just not getting it like a moron .

I get there’s a card …system? But how much are the games on average? And how do you buy the uh…I’m guessing they’re “tokens”?

There’s a card that you load money onto. And it’s re-loadable. Each dollar is worth so many points and each game costs a certain number of points. Some of less popular or older games don’t cost a lot of points and newer or more elaborate games cost more. You can use the card at of the Disney arcades.
Of course, who knows if arcades will ever open. Seems like a harbor for germs.

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Oh this was more for my general “I keep meaning to ask” questions.

Cause there was this cool looking flight sim game I wanted to check out, but since I couldn’t figure out the pay system, I didn’t. :rofl:

Where do you get the card? Do you have to go up to the front desk?

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You buy the cards at the arcade itself. I don’t remember exact numbers, but at one point I think 1000 points cost $20 (and there may have been some bonus points for buying points in larger increments). And games were maybe 20-100 points per game.

Now I really should ask my teenager son because he would know the answers and probably knows the game you are referring to. His arcade card is on the must pack for Disney list.


There used to be a desk at the arcades themselves. If it wasn’t manned DS went to the store and got one there.

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The arcades are not opening, I don’t believe, just yet.


Yes this was also our experience. And we saved the cards and used them later years. The money was still on there.

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