The Great Date Debate: Narcoossee's vs. California Grill

Hello all, I am wondering if anyone is willing to chime in with an opinion here. My DH and I will be traveling with our DD(almost)2 and my mother. (In her own room and only for a small portion of this trip. So, that’s not the issue ;-)).

My mother has offered to watch our daughter for one evening so that my DH and I can have a short date. Right now we have an ADR at Narcoossee’s to get dessert and a drink and watch Holiday Wishes. I have tried to get a California Grill reservation but so far I am coming up short, and so is the ADR finder.

Does anyone have an opinion one way or the other? Should I hold on to Narcoossee’s but still get the alert active to see if I can snag California Grill instead? Or is Narcoossee’s the unsung hero that I should try?

Thanks in advance!

If you haven’t already, put the Cali Grill into the reservation finder. It’ll let you know if something becomes available. The other option is to go up and sit at the bar. No reservation required.

Now, I’ve heard tell that Narcoossee’s is very good but that Citrico’s is the better of the two. I’m from New England so a seafood restaurant anywhere else has to really be great to be worth it for me.

Ultimately, any of the 3 (or the 2 that you already have in mind) would be lovely. That view from the Cali is like nothing else though…

CG all the way. I also agree with @disney1974; of the two GF locations, Citrico’s has better food and service, and in my opinion, a better atmosphere for a “date night”.

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Thank you @disney1974 and @bswan26. We chose Narcoossee’s at GF instead of Citrico’s because we would like to watch Holiday Wishes as it is our only opportunity to see Wishes this trip (mostly due to the nearly two-year old who goes to bed at 7:30 and is an absolute bear if she stays up late). But I appreciate all the opinions! I’ll keep my alert set to try to grab a CG ressie if one pops up!

No chance your daughter will sleep in the buggy? Possible option, Eat where you like and hop to MK, Poly or the TTC to watch the fireworks with a better view.

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I would stick with Narcoossee’s - It used to be a great fan of CG but it has been seriously underwhelming the on our last couple of visits. Narcoossee’s is very relaxing and you will have a great view of wishes.