The Great BOG Disaster

So…I notice this email this morning. The numeric code and invite for the Be Our Guest lunch reservation.

From a week ago.

So… I log in, punch up the code, and check dates across our trip. It keeps saying no fast passes available. Then why, dear computer, did you send an invite? Or did I just screw up by not noticing the mail for a week? Anyone have success logging in with the invite and getting a fpp lunch reservation?

Just made a lunch reservation on Wednesday, for 12/14.

It’s possible they could be home after a week. Lately they’ve been opening exactly 27 days from the day you want to book. How many days out are you?

Ah…well… the disaster has been averted. I did manage to get an FPP for Wednesday, Dec. 10. I hadn’t checked that day… since we have a dinner ADR at BOG that same night. But my daughter wants to see the “music box” room, which I understand is only open at lunch. So it all works out.

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Here lately they seem to have been opening all the rooms for each meal but it’s hit and miss. At least this way you can easily sit in two different rooms and enjoy it. Glad you were able to book it!

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[quote=“fairfield70, post:4, topic:7697”]
my daughter wants to see the “music box” room[/quote]

There shouldn’t be any problem walking around and seeing all of the rooms. People routinely wander around and take pictures before, during, and after their meals. As far as I know, all the rooms are always open for lunch.

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