The good the bad and the ugly part 1

Arrival day was a nightmare as stated in my previous post.

Day 1 in the parks AK

Someone who will remain nameless thought she had time to take a shower and shave her legs before me and her mother wanted to go to the park for a 8 am opening. So we got to the park at 8:40 and luckily I never deleted our 9 am TP so I went with that. 9:15 FP for KS then gorilla fall and 10 am FotLK. No time for GF so right over to FotLK it just started and we were not allowed to bring in our ECVs so back to GF and then FotLK. On our way to FotLK I spotted the elusive and famous @OBNurseNH image
Had to cut the visit short because it was almost time for FotLK. We decided to skip WET and went to see UP, then off to MJT to see the tigers. I used mobile ordering for restaurantosaurus good thing it was packed. Thank God for AC we all needed it by now. We waited 15min for our order which was good because the line to order was about a 20min wait just to order. Finding Nemo was at 1pm I used FP to get in standby wait was very long and it was hot. I like FM over FotLK. My cousin and her boyfriend talked my DD into trying PW no FP but HC entrance is one in the same. It was fun trying to get on this ride but I did and it was fun, but I thought I was going to break some ribs the way the bar came down on me. I was so excited that I was able to ride PW but that would soon pass. Next was FP for Dinosaur I had trouble getting on this ride and I decided not to take time away from others and passed. DW and DD had a good time and I was given 2 golden FB. Then it was off to Pandora for FP for Na’vi River Journey. Sorry but I was not that thrilled about this ride, creative and beautiful yes but not thrilling. Took the bus to All Star Sports for a rest before our 8:15 SoA dinner. Took the bus to MK and then tried to take a boat to the Polly but the boats don’t take ECVs, so the Monorail it is. Meet up with my sister and niece and had a nice dinner but by the end we were beat. Monorail then bus back to Sports.


Great liner meet! Would you recommend SoA?

I wasn’t really thrilled with NRJ either… it’s like a blue IaSW. Liked the ending but was expecting more pow!!


I liked it the food was good but I would not say it is a must do. I went in 1984 and enjoyed it more then. I was hoping for that spark but did not get it. With all the rain and humidity my knees were killing me by the time the show started, this might have interfered with my enjoyment.

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