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Can you please elaboriate, when does a modify not affect your booking time?
I know this isnt always thse case.


The times for my second ll booking don’t seem to match up with what I thought would happen.

Ak official open at 8
Used ll at 9
Booked next ll at 9:30
Used that one
Booked next ll for 9:55

Says my next time to book a ll is 10:55

Shouldn’t I have a second ll available at 10?

I had almost the opposite thing happen at mk. I had somehow collected more ll booking times so I was always booking earlier than I thought I could. That was for an opening time of 9 and I had a second by like 10!


You can book either 2 hours after you booked most recently or when you ride the most recently booked one. So it depends what time you last booked and when you ride. 10.55 doesn’t look right on either case since it looks like you booked after 9.30?


Modify well not affect your booking time unless your ride time is coming up soon and you could tap in and be immediately eligible. But it doesn’t affect the 2 hour rule at all.


You don’t get to book at 10 because you’ve booked as you have used your LLs. It’s every two hours OR after you have used your most recent one.

Your most recently booked LL is the one you booked for 9:55. 10:55 is the end time for this LL. 10:55 is the next time you are eligible to book again (if you don’t tap into before then).


Got it! That’s how I thought it worked, but I must have done something at mk that showed the extra ones. Doesn’t matter for my day!

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Does anyone know if they give refunds for extended down time on an ILL? I know RotR goes down a lot but we’re hoping to leave HS by 3. If it’s down for awhile, will they give a refund?


It’s never automatic but you will probably have good luck going to GS if it hasn’t come back up and you say you are planning to leave the park.


Definitely ask in person for a refund


G+ announcement today for potential changes in 2024:

Simplifying the Disney Genie+ experience: We have heard from guests that they would like ways to plan with Disney Genie+ service and individual Lightning Lane selections before the day of their park visit, and we want you to know we are working on ways guests may do this for visits in 2024. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to spend less time planning in the park and more time enjoying your visit with friends and family. While we are not yet able to share specific details, we look forward to sharing more information at a later date.

Disney Source


If only someone could devise a system which allowed you to book, say, 3 rides in advance for each day of your trip… :roll_eyes:


Lol, good one.

The big question IMO is how far in advance guests would be allowed to reserve LL’s. But I’m fairly sure of three things:

  1. Someone will be unhappy no matter where they draw the line.
  2. It’s still going to be an extra cost.
  3. Liners will figure out how to optimize it :slight_smile:

I wonder if the tell give onsite a booking advantage like before.


I would think its resort guests…Only question I have is if they will charge for the right to do it


Of course they are.


Reminds me of how people with shorter trips were unhappy with the rules for advance booking of FP+ because the “good FPs” were gone for the first 3-4 days of their trip by the time they were eligible to book. Any early booking option which allowed a person to book even just 1 LL and 1 ILL for each day of their entire trip on a single day in advance of their trip would lead to a similar issue.

All the Remy and SDD LLs and Tron and Rise ILLs would likely be gone for the first few days of each person’s trip by the time they were eligible to book.


They could release a proportion for advance booking and save the rest for booking same day.



This was me. I prefer the current system, even (grumble, grumble) getting up at 7am.

It wouldn’t be as bad because 1/3 of the LL would be made compared to the old system. I would be okay if you could book 1 ahead of time and then the system reverts to the “book one, use one/2 hiurs passes, book one”. Because when you had to use all 3 before getting another, it signficantly diaadvantaged people who could only get three in the afternoon.


Interesting idea - I feel like it would give me a chance!


This is exactly how I hope it works. I like the current tap and book your next one as opposed to burning through 3 with FPP. Booking one in advance saves the 7am anxiety and gives you some semblance of a morning plan / what you need to RD etc.