The Forums have a Search Function


As a PSA, I would like to remind people that the Forum, unlike Chat, does have a search function. This was a feature that many had asked for in Chat, but it was not possible given the software architecture. But here in the forums, it can be a great tool for accessing info. Take, for example, the (OMG not again) question "What's your favorite snack?". I typed "snacks" into the search bar and got 50 hits (the max I believe that the software will do). I clicked on one of those links and was taken to a thread with 88 posts. Another link took me to another thread, this time with 43 posts. HDDR and DDP turned up similar results.


I will add that sometimes the forum will warn you if you post to a thread that is old. Most times the information in an older thread is still good! I actually love it when an old thread pops back up. If you search and wonder, "I wonder if this information is still good." Don't be afraid to ask!


Thx. for the info, search function makes things so much easier


so... what IS your favorite snack @bswan26??? :wink:




So that's what that is! All this time I thought it was a capital "Q" at the top of the page. I wondered what the Q stood for. :slight_smile: