The Force Family Strikes Back: A Trip Report

We love Big Thunder! It is a little different from Disneyland - not better or worse. Just different. Less foliage here (oddly), fewer special effects, but has a few sections of track that rock left and right, and it seems more open.


This is where I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time the last two days. We’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth out of our bucket refills. ($12 bucket, $2 per refill vs I think $6 for a regular popcorn?) It’s one of the only things DD4 will eat (literally) so I’m glad she’s at least keeping her stomach full.

We finished two rides in about 2 hours with walking and swapping. Then we headed to Contemporary for our Steakhouse 71 reservation. Hopefully this was worth rolling over in bed at 3am for! (Thankfully no hour-long IT glitch like with Space 220.)


So talk to me about the space. It looks like a room that you would have a wedding in. Like a banquet hall. Lacking character. Am I wrong about that?


We found RS to be such a time suck in the morning at MK! If you hit BTMRR/Splash and rider switch both it takes forever.

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It’s bland but I like it. It’s bright and open and well air conditioned (but not too cold for my kids). I’m curious how this compares to the Wave, which I had never been to. They probably should have had more theming of some kind in here, but it’s a nice place to sit to take a break from the afternoon sun.


The food is delicious! I’d say best meal of the trip so far. The Parmesan truffle waffle fries are delectable - perfectly seasoned and crisp. The hangar steak is tender and flavorful.

Oh, and I should have mentioned that there are these murals on one of the walls.


I think it’s the wide open space and pillars that make it look like a conference hall!


I love these photos on the wall leading into the restaurant.


Kids love their dessert! It comes with their meal. Also I should note that this has been our cheapest table service so far by a LOOOOOTTTT. Thanks to no prix fixe. I’m talking like 1/3rd Space 220.

Our kids ordered plain noodles, and nothing with noodles was not even on the menu. :rofl: They are so picky! Thanks to helpful staff who worked with us.


It does look like they are at a wedding. The round tables with the white table cloths, the large room and the pillars. I kind of expected a little more for a new restaurant in a hotel with an Incredibles theme.


That looks so much lighter and airy than the Wave. Love all the photos and murals on the walls. Food looks great! I aways like the food at the Wave, especially for the price. Can’t wait to try it on my next trip!


Since you have been spending so much time there can you tell me if any of the “Mickey Ballon” buckets are still available? I will be there next week and I am trying to figure out how much extra room I will need on the way home.

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I have not seen them but will keep an eye out. Ours is a regular 50th bucket design.

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We watched a Prince Charming Dev video where he visited Steakhouse 71. He and his wife (fiance? not sure if they married yet) felt the food was amazing, and possibly the best (something) on property. (I say “something” because he had a conditional in there, and I can’t recall what the “something” was.) Anyhow, they loved it.

And for my wife and I, it looks to be our vibe, for sure…so it will definitely go on our list of places to try!


So glad to hear this. I am looking forward to this.

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The resort monorail stops at each resort forever! I mean, not horrible, but a couple of the stops were at least 5 minutes, maybe 10.

We caught a cavalcade on our way through Frontierland. I love how DD2 waves at Moana like they’re besties! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Big Thunder again to make sure we get it one last time before the rain that is supposed to hit around 5pm. It’s the family favorite, so this will be a day well spent. :joy: We’ll be doing Space Mountain next and a bunch of fantasyland rides that are inside.




Looks like your wife is more excited than the kiddos in that shot fifth from the bottom!


So excited to hear this, I just got an ADR this morning!


Those little skirts are so cute!