The Excitement of FastPass Selection Day

Anyone else get excited on FP selection day? We’re staying at the Beach Club, so we get the 60-day FP window, which was this morning. We got pretty much everything we wanted. My wife, who is big on planning the logistics (what to pack, how things will work once there) leaves the Touring Plan stuff to me (hotel reservations, dining, FP, etc.). Up until this point, I’ve been more excited about the trip than she - for her, it just seemed too distant. I worked from home today in order to make sure I wasn’t commuting during the FP window (thankful that my job affords me the ability to work from home), and after I finished FP selection and my wife got our older son on the bus for school, we had breakfast before I started work. Somehow, me making our FP selections made the trip seem real and imminent for her, and she got super excited. So we spent breakfast just talking about the trip, how it would go, etc.

60 more days. Can’t wait!


Congrats on a successful day! I make mine tomorrow morning!

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It’s one of my favorite days! The trip starts to finally feel real after months of planning!

Now, I’m 33 days out from our trip and I CAN. NOT. WAIT!

And then I will be sad.

Typically, but this go round I’m not. Our FP day is Friday morning and we have to be out the door with two kids at 7:10 dressed for their school holiday assembly. Way too much going on that morning

I was super excited that I got mine done while on the subway to work this morning!! I only had one day since I leave on a cruise on 2/17, but I got FEA in the mid-afternoon, which was what I wanted. I also got Spaceship Earth to hopefully kick things off - but if there’s a delay getting there I can always try to move it later - and Living With The Land which will put me in the right place for lunch. :slight_smile:

Hopefully things go as smoothly when it’s time to book for my July trip!