The ever popular mug...timing?

I think I’m over thinking this…but… does our refillable mug last the entire length of our stay? or since we have 5 nights booked, do we only have 5 days worth of mug use?

I think in theory the mugs expires at midnight on your checkout day, but my length of stay mugs have always been set to expire I think something like 14 days later.


The last time we got mugs the CM who rang us up said that our mugs were “for length of stay which meant 14 days”. Granted, I wasn’t there to check her story but I hadn’t even asked when they expired. She just volunteered the info.

Length of stay mug this time for us was good from 28 or so days. march 14 to April 12

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Funny, I thought last June I activated on June 28th and the date it was good through was July 12th ( which I remembered because it is my husband’s birthday), but then I thought I was crazy! Your post made me feel so much better!

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