The end of 50th Anniversary Celebration

I have seen it reported that the 50th Anniversary Celebration will end on March 31, 2023. What does this mean?

Logically, I assume it just means the end of some of the EARidescent costumes, menu items, and decorations around the park. Maybe the transfer from Enchantment to a different MK firework show.

Illogically, I am worried as I plan to visit the beginning of May 2023. I picture WDW holding pattern through the first couple weeks of April 2023 until after spring break and Easter crowds, then right around the time of my visit doing major “renovations.” Castle boarded up to retheme. Walls going up all over as the weeks long process of removing statues. No firework show at Magic Kingdom for a month as they transition to something new. Harmonious taco’s being renovated and reconstructed. Splash Mountain being shut down for its remake into Tiana’s. Spaceship Earth, Tree of Life, and ToT being covered up as they remove the Beacons of Light.

Help me not be illogical.


I don’t think anything this drastic will happen. I predict the statues will stick around because they interact with the new MB+ now. I think the castle is staying the colors it is and if they remove some of the 50th decorations it will just happen in stages with maybe some cranes in your photos at most.

I may be wrong but aside from just after re-opening after Covid there is always a fireworks show. If it changes it will just be Enchantment one night and the new show will debut the next night.


They will begin the 100th celebration of the Walt Disney Company before that date?


Yeah thats true, I guess they do switch between Enchantment and Not-so-Scary fireworks within a day, so should be similar if they did a new show.

Based on how the WDW celebration gets smaller and more disappointing with each anniversary, I assume the 100th celebration will just be an email and no actual events at the parks.


:rofl: right? Or maybe they will just keep all the 50th stuff but cross out 50 and add 100!


SM will probably be closed and for awhile. Hopefully nothing else major. We may get more details at D23 in a few weeks.

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Since they announced the logo last year at D23 I do expect announcements at next month’s expo.

In their minds they will be amazing.


I am actually optimistic about Splash. I could be ignorant, but I think they should be able to retheme with less than a year of downtime. If the ride system is staying the same and they are just changing set pieces, then most of the sets and anamatronics should be able to be prefabricated offsite.

They’ve said late 2024. My best guess is they would close it fall of 2023.

I hope you’re right. I really want to ride it for my June trip. I hope they give a closure date soon so I can plan.